Arch Grants
  • Origin: Missouri
  • Grant awarded in: 2013

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What is adFreeq?

adFreeq is the company that makes AdKiosks! An AdKiosk is an entirely new type of ad that works like a real world kiosk - but inside of an ad! It’s completely interactive and in the space of an Internet ad can contain not just one or two product images, but thousands of products or services. Each one enhanced with rich text, photos, videos, and ecommerce capabilities that present and sell your products and services to anyone - anywhere where they happen to be on the Internet!

Company Leadership

Peter Meng

Peter Meng is the CEO and Founder of adfreeq, a 2013 Arch Grants recipient.

Peter earned his degree in Business Administration from Truman State University in 1981. Peter is a serial entrepreneur and business developer with a focus on e-commerce and internet based businesses. A seven year Apple veteran he also currently serves as the CEO at MTE Meridian, LLC, and brings experience as the founder of LearningWeb to his position with adfreeq.

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