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A Boring Product That Delivers Not So Boring Results

August 2, 2013 • Arch Grant News

By Chuck Lee:

As you travel down the interstate I’m sure that you’ve seen these black and orange or yellow and green machines, about the size of a small car, along the side of the highway accompanied by large 4 – 6′ spools of orange flexible conduit (hose or pipe to the lay person). This is the world that I live in, the world of fiber optic cable and data transmission lines.


All of this equipment and conduit is there for one reason, to lay miles and miles of underground cable, out of the elements, at a constant temperature and removed from harms way. My company, U.S. Drilling Products, manufactures and sells a patented Directional Underground Boring Bit that these colorful machines use to bore the pathways in which this conduit and the eventual cable lines are inserted.


Our bits are a little different from every other drilling products manufacturer’s bits though, because our bits are designed to bore through solid rock, that’s right, solid rock like granite, limestone and such. We’re the only bit that can do this, bore through solid rock, I mean. There are certain areas of the country, where just below the surface, lay hundred’s of feet of solid rock. The state of Missouri is one of these areas.


In the past Utility Contractors, the companies that own the equipment and drill the horizontal pathways, had to ‘trench and blast’ the rock before they could lay down any conduit. That process is expensive, inefficient and disturbs the environment. Using the U.S. Drilling Products Rock Bit eliminates those costs and enables the Contractors to perform the bore much quicker, use less labor and free up the expensive machinery so that it can be moved to the next job site.


We have manufactured our first batch of bits, right here in the St Louis area, and are in the process of calling on Utility Contractors throughout the Midwest, educating them on how our bit can reduce their costs, improve their productivity and not disturb the environment nearly as much as they have in the past. We want them to test it and see for themselves how well it performs.


So, if you see those machines and conduit along the side of a road you’ll know what’s happening. And if you have a contact at a Utility Contractor or General Contractor I’d appreciate an introduction. Feel free to contact me, Chuck Lee, at either 314-791-3564 or Have a great day.

US Drilling Products

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