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Arch Grants Announces New Board Additions

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St. Louis, MO (September, 2013) – Arch Grants, the global St. Louis startup competition that provides $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures, announces today that three new members have been selected to serve on the organization’s board of directors.

The three new members are: Clifford Holekamp; Jay Steinback; and Laurna Godwin.

Clifford Holekamp is the Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Entrepreneurship Platform at Washington University’s Olin Business School.  Cliff is the Founder of Foot Healers and serves as a board member or formal advisor to several start-up organizations including LockerDome, Yurbuds, TrakBill, and City Academy.  Cliff is a General Partner at Cultivation Capital, is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and is passionate about creating opportunities for his students to get engaged with St. Louis startups.  Cliff holds a B.A. from Washington & Lee University and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. He worked as an account executive for IBM before beginning his entrepreneurial career.

“It is a privilege to join the Arch Grants board” said Clifford Holekamp. “I believe that Arch Grants is the keystone organization in the St. Louis entrepreneurship culture.  I look forward to continuing to strengthen the relationship between the university communities and the St. Louis startup scene.”

Laurna C. Godwin is Co-Founder and Partner of Vector Communications Corporation. She is a three-time Emmy award winning broadcast journalist who spent more than twenty years in television as a news anchor, reporter, talk show host and producer. She worked at a variety of cities and television stations throughout the country including WNET-TV in New York City and serving as a mid-west stringer for CNN in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to co-creating Vector, Ms.Godwin was the sole owner of Godwin Communications, a media relations and video production company.

“As a person who moved to St. Louis in 1987 and eventually started a business here, I know firsthand the opportunities that abound in St. Louis,” said Laurna Godwin, Co-founder and Partner of Vector Communications. “Serving on the Arch Grants board will allow me to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, as well as help our great city grow.”

Jay Steinback, CEO and principle of Rothman Furniture also joins the ranks and will for the third year, continue to lead the judging of the Arch Grants Global Startup Competition. Jay is a St Louis native and a dedicated member of the community, another Entrepreneurs’ Organization member who is always focused on growth and improvement.

“Arch Grants is an amazing gift to St Louis, through this vision of a grassroots entrepreneurism we have the ability to dynamically transform the city into a breeding ground for new technology and growth” Said Jay Steinback CEO of Rothman Furniture. “Having been involved with Arch Grants since the very beginning it is an honor to join their board and continue to invest in the St Louis Startup Community.”

“We are very pleased that Cliff, Jay and Laurna have agreed to become board members of Arch Grants. Each of them is highly accomplished and together they bring a wide array of talent as well as a passion for the mission of building a game changing program in St. Louis.” said the President of Arch Grants, Jerry Schlichter.


About Arch Grants

Arch Grants is the global startup competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures.  Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to

Bringing Modern Technology to the World of Asthma: Sparo Labs

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            Like many chronic diseases, doctors and researchers have been studying asthma for decades trying to understand how it works on both a micro/physiological scale, but also on a macro/public health scale. Despite advances in our understanding of this disease along with new treatments and technologies being developed over the years, asthma continues to be a growing problem across all demographics, with about 1 million new asthma patients diagnosed every year in the U.S. alone. Today there are about 30 million U.S. asthma patients, and 300 million worldwide. Across the globe, asthma prevalence is predicted to increase by 50% over the next decade, signaling a serious problem with how we are dealing with this chronic disease.

Two years ago, my co-founder Abby Cohen and I were just starting our junior year at Washington University in St. Louis. We were both part of an extracurricular group called Engineers Without Borders – Engineering World Health, which had an yearly goal of finding a healthcare-related problem and developing a low-cost solution using our engineering skills. We were intrigued by the pressing burden of asthma and wanted to know why this problem was somehow getting worse over time, even as technology and treatments had been improving.

We found that the major roadblock was in the management of the disease, as many effective treatments have already been developed. Patients have historically been largely unable to effectively control their asthma, leading to enormous burdens on both the individual and healthcare systems. We learned that “spirometers” are the gold standard medical device used to diagnose and monitor lung function for patients with asthma and other respiratory diseases like cystic fibrosis and COPD. To use a spirometer, a patient inhales fully then exhales through the device as hard and fast as they are able. This provides a detailed snapshot of how the patient’s lungs are doing at that time by measuring the speed of the air as the patient exhales. However, due to three issues—high cost ($1000+), cumbersome user-experience, and tedious daily maintenance—these powerful devices have been relegated to being used only by hospitals and pulmonologists.

At Sparo Labs, we’ve spent the past two years developing an award-winning, pocket-sized spirometer that solves these historical issues through an innovative and elegant solution. The Sparo Labs system empowers patients to quantitatively track and proactively manage their asthma through seamless integration with smartphones and other mobile devices. Our system can be produced for a mere fraction of the cost of traditional spirometers today and allows patients to track and evaluate medication efficacy and dosage, identify and avoid environmental triggers, and actually prevent asthma attacks hours or days in advance by detecting a decline in lung function even before symptoms are present. Putting this powerful tool in the hands of patients will allow for a disruptive shift in respiratory disease management and will equip doctors and healthcare providers with objective and real-time data to deliver care that both improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.

Having graduated from Washington University in St. Louis this past May, Abby and I are excited to be working full-time on Sparo Labs and trying to make a real impact on asthma and other respiratory diseases. Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more!


– Andrew Brimer, Co-Founder

(Also pictured: Abby Cohen, Co-Founder)


Visit our website:

Reach us at:

Follow us on Twitter: @sparolabs

Arch Grants is the global startup competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures.  Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to In order for our supporters and community members to better know the great things are portfolio companies are doing, check back weekly for Startup Stories.


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September 16, 2013 (St. Louis, MO) — Andrew Brimer and Abigail Cohen, recent WashU engineering graduates (class of 2013) and co-founders of the med-tech startup Sparo Labs, were announced as the $150,000 grand prize winners of the CIMIT Student Technology Prize for Primary Care, defeating graduate student and post-doctoral teams from MIT, University of California–Berkeley, and Johns Hopkins. Andrew and Abigail were the first undergraduate team to win the top prize in the competition—only the second time that undergraduates have won any of the top three prizes. Sparo Labs has developed a revolutionary solution that seamlessly connects with smartphones and other mobile devices and empowers patients to proactively manage and improve control of their asthma.


Andrew and Abigail are proud to represent Washington University in St. Louis in this national competition and are excited to be working on Sparo Labs full-time after graduating this past May. In addition to the 7 other competitions that Sparo Labs has won, including an Arch Grant, the CIMIT funds will enable Sparo Labs to continue building a solution that empowers patients to more effectively manage their asthma. Sparo Labs is looking forward to making a difference in both St. Louis, where asthma prevalence is twice the national average, and the world. Andrew and Abigail are thrilled to be a part of the flourishing community of entrepreneurs in the city.

The objective of the CIMIT competition was to encourage engineering students to apply their skills toward developing novel approaches at the very frontlines of healthcare, supporting the essential work of primary caregivers helping to improve patient outcomes while reducing the overall costs of care. Sparo Labs was named 1 of 10 finalists in February out of 75 undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral teams from 30 universities across the country. All of the 10 finalists were awarded $10,000 to accelerate the development of their solutions and prepare their final entries. The 10 teams were competing for top prizes of $150,000, $100,000, and $50,000.

In announcing the winners of this national competition, Ronald Newbower, PhD, Co-Founder of CIMIT, Strategic Advisor of the APF, and Director of this competition, stated, “We are delighted with the quality of the entries this Prize competition has elicited each year amongst engineering students. They are clearly eager to develop innovative technologies to address our national challenges in primary care and to use their creativity to improve the overall efficiency and efficacy of care. The winners of these major awards are headed toward truly significant careers and may well serve as role models for others in their field. We are proud to be able to support their efforts.”


About Sparo Labs:

Sparo Labs ( is bringing the power of modern technology to the world of asthma. Sparo Labs is developing an award-winning, patent-pending spirometer system that can be produced for a fraction of the cost of current spirometers today, while seamlessly connecting with smartphones via mobile and web apps. Putting this powerful device in the hands of patients will revolutionize how respiratory diseases are managed—empowering patients to quantitatively track and proactively control their asthma, and equipping doctors with the power of objective and real-time data to better and more efficiently manage their patients.

About CIMIT:

CIMIT ( is the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology. A fifteen-year-old non-profit consortium of Boston-area teaching hospitals and engineering schools, CIMIT brings innovators together to explore, develop and implement novel technological solutions for today’s most urgent healthcare problems. Participants in the consortium are Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, Boston University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Northeastern University, Partners HealthCare and VA Boston Healthcare System.



Andrew Brimer

Sparo Labs



FoodEssentials Levels-Up Technology Team With Data Veteran.

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FoodEssentials Levels-Up Technology Team With Data Veteran.


FoodEssentials-logo-WEBST LOUIS, MO – September 13, 2013 – Working with vast amounts of quality dependent data requires process driven decision making and attention to detail. Most importantly it requires an excellent technology team and a great management team. FoodEssentials is now proud to announce the signing of data and technology veteran John Leighton as VP of Engineering.


John comes to FoodEssentials from Appistry, another great St Louis startup leading in the big data arena and brings considerable experience and leadership in IT management, software deployment, quality assurance, and customer technical support.


“We highly value diversity and excellence at FoodEssentials and John adds both those things to the team,” states Dheeraj Patri, COO of FoodEssentials. “We did our best to convince him that the life of a startup was unrelenting but John has no fear. We’re delighted to have someone of his caliber on the team”.


John has a successful track record building teams of the best and brightest and his mandate at FoodEssentials will be to do the same as they strive to assemble a team that can tame the challenges that lie ahead in their future. FoodEssentials is dreaming big and aims to leverage data to fundamentally change the way people choose food. “We believe that having immediate access to the right data at the point of decision making will help shoppers make better educated decisions,” states Dagan Xavier, co-founder and head of data for FoodEssentials. “Our mission is to make that a reality. It’s going to be a huge challenge, and so having John helping to pull together an A-team is exciting.”

As a ‘big data’ veteran, John brings more than 25 years of experience in HPC and data delivery systems to his role – and he claims that he’s never met a ‘big data’ problem he didn’t like or couldn’t take to the next level of performance. Prior to Appistry, Leighton served as Director of Software Development for Reuters America (through its acquisition of Bridge Information Systems) where he helped develop a Reuters’ client data delivery system and facilitated the development and infrastructure design for the fifth largest news and financial site in the world.


FoodEssentials is a young and vibrant company delivering cutting edge data and technologies that power product label analytics to consumers, manufacturers, retailers, and the government. FoodEssentials’ product label data is the most accurate and up-to-date in the industry and their core Key Message technology creates a layer of data that powers deep analysis and unique insight. The FoodEssentials team is a fine balance of product knowledge, technological expertise and creativity. They are headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and have personnel based in Australia, Europe, and Asia. FoodEssentials is a diverse and dynamic company with a vision to making a difference in how people choose foods.



Anton Xavier, CEO

615 Olive Street

Suite 1340

St. Louis, MO 63101

+1 (888) 787-4386 ext 102




Arch Grants is the global startup competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures.  Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to In order for our supporters and community members to better know the great things are portfolio companies are doing, check back weekly for Startup Stories.


Easytork Automation Corporation: A Merger of Two Worlds

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By: George Wang

I began my career as an investment banker in New York City, and my views of companies were abstract with their worth quantifiable into tables with best case and worst case scenarios. Never mind the idea, the execution, or the team – just give me the precise numbers, and there better be no margin of error. That was my old world, and through a twist of fate I find myself staring curiously back at my old self. Easytork Automation Corporation was founded on nothing else but a strong gut feeling that we have unearthed a great technology, we believe our idea is executable because we have experts and talent on our management team, and through a dynamic and interactive company we evolve towards perfection through experimentation – never mind the numbers.

Easytork manufactures pneumatic actuators, which is used to remotely control valves and is integral to automating plants. Our applications are commonly found on manufacturing facilities (our end users) that require a lot of pipelines, e.g, Anheuser-Busch. Plants that generally use our product manufacture chemical, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, mining, oil & gas, pulp & paper, manage waste water, and others.

It is through the same curious lens that I look at the industry Easytork is in, specifically the valve automation industry. On one hand, a Wall Street market research report I came across paints this industry with having old habits and low product adoption cycle. However, I find that as “after the fact” analysis without understanding the story behind the numbers. It’s not that people in our industry are behind the curve, in fact, in my day-to-day encounters I come across some of the most inquisitive, smart, practical, and open minds. I stipulate this entrenchment is because no one designed a compelling enough actuator since the 1970s to make these inquisitive minds want to take a look.

Our gut says we have a compelling new design; we have a new product that will bring about a win-win-win-win-win-win, that’s six of them, to the industry. To our end-users they get the most compact, highest quality product (measured empirically by cycle life), at or below prices they are used to. To our distributors, they get a product that will minimize their inventory by at least five fold. Not only can our distributors save on time and overhead cost, they can provide additional solutions otherwise unavailable. To our local community, we will bring back manufacturing presence because we know it’s all about quality and delivery time. We don’t need to rely on cutting corners and cost to survive. Effectively, when everyone wins, it compels.

The definition of a startup is the future is uncertain, but you keep moving towards the goal post. Our gut has gotten us very far, furthermore it has been reinforced through our clients affirming and sharing our vision. At a future date, the numbers will accurately reflect our vision and entrepreneur spirit, and when that day comes it will be a merger and acquisition of both worlds.

George Wang, CEO
Easytork pic


Arch Grants is the global startup competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures.  Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to In order for our supporters and community members to better know the great things are portfolio companies are doing, check back weekly for Startup Stories.

IDC Projects Announces Name Change to Lumate

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ST. LOUIS, MO – September 9, 2013 – – Lumate, a context driven mobile advertising platform, today announced its new logo and branding. Formerly IDC Projects, the companyis now known as Lumate. The change reflects an effort to create a more customer-friendly brand. Lumate partnered with goBRANDgo! to design and develop the new brand.

“We wanted a brand that was unique and memorable. Although it wasn’t clear, advertising has always been our core business. However, instead of building apps ourselves, now we partner with other app publishers to help them make more money. The new brand denotes that shift in strategy.” said Michael Orlando, President. Lumate enables advertisers to buy hyperlocal, context-based advertising within hundreds of mobile apps. With access to millions of impressions a day in the greater St. Louis area, advertisers can reach users in any place they’d like, such as an airport or stadium, at any time, all while keeping a tight control on their budgets.

About Lumate
Lumate improves the mobile ad experience by only showing relevant ads to users. The AdTrade™ and AdMotive™ suites of advertiser tools enable local business to reach only their intended audience, resulting in a very cost efficient advertising medium. Mobile apps are not the same as web sites: fundamental technologies such as tracking cookies do not translate to the mobile app space. Lumate uses a variety of technical capabilities to create true context around advertising: geo-location, direct user feedback, and third party data partnerships. Lumate’s proprietary technology is flexible, empowering businesses to restrict ads to a small area in their building or scale up to a global campaign with billions of impressions.

Founded in 2008, Lumate is an Arch Grants recipient, Capital Innovators graduate, and received an investment from the Missouri Technology Corporation. Lumate is based in downtown St. Louis with offices in Rolla, Missouri. The company was formerly named IDC Projects and was started at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.


For more information:
Quentin Ortega


StartUp Connection: October 3, 2013

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October 3, 2013
4:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Saint Louis Science Center


Experience St. Louis’ entrepreneur community!

  • Innovation Showcase – 60 top startups
  • Resource Fair – Explore 50 organizations that can help your startup
  • Innovation News – Highlights of ’13 and exciting news for ’14!
  • Awards – $135,000+ in prizes

Honor our Startup Champion ’13 Dr. William Peck, retired Chairman of Innovate St. Louis

To learn more, visit

See what drew over 600 entrepreneurs, business people, investors and startup enthusiasts to last year’s successful event!  StartUp Connection ’12


See the Best Entrepreneurs!
The Innovation Showcase will feature 60 innovative startups selected from the St. Louis region.  Meet the entrepreneurs behind these ventures, and watch as they compete for cash prizes and services.

Prizes include:
• People’s Choice Awards — Seven (7) $500 prizes

Startup Challenge Awards – $100,000 cash awarded to top 3 winners

BioSTL Awards – two awards totalling $2,500

• Cultivation Capital Awards – two awards totalling $5,000

Mueller Prost PC – two awards totalling $5,000 of cash and in-kind services

• St. Louis Arch Angels Award of $1,250

• St. Louis Regional Chamber Award

In-kind prizes valued  over $20,000 from:  Polsinelli,  Brown Smith Wallace LLC,  Armstrong Teasdale, HatchBuck, and CreatiVenture Law LLC.

InnovateVMS, Innovate St. Louis, ITEN, Arch Grants, Cultivation Capital, Six Thirty, St. Louis Regional Chamber

Candy Lab helps Arch Grants go mobile

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Candy Lab founder attributes skills learned in military and Arch Grants to success as entrepreneur, helps Arch Grants go mobile

candylabSt. Louis, MO (August 2013)— Candy Lab, a 2013 Arch Grant recipient startup that makes small business apps and augmented reality adds clout to the 2011 survey statistics released by the Small Business Association that veterans are 45% more likely than others to be entrepreneurs. Andrew Couch, CEO of St. Louis headquartered Candy Lab moved to St. Louis from San Diego, CA after winning an Arch Grant. Couch served for 6 years as an Infantryman and Military Police Officer, as highlighted in the recent article by, a Kaufmann Foundation website. Couch was deployed to Kosovo and Afghanistan where he received the Army’s Combat Infantry Badge among other awards prior to his entrepreneurial pursuit.

Couch started Candy Lab and created an augmented reality application called Cachetown to “better compete with the ever growing mobile spend space.” Regarding Candy Lab’s experience so far in St. Louis, Couch stated that “We are supported, refined and accelerated here in St. Louis and it’s due to Arch Grants,  the supporters of Arch Grants and the doors opened by its staff which occur almost every time we simply ask.”

With Candy Lab Couch says, “we make it easier than ever for a small business to identify a mobile marketing strategy and get the right mobile apps that help them succeed.” The mobile application Cachetown uses augmented reality which puts a brand’s message in front of customers right when and where they need it most. “We make it simple to use new technologies like augmented reality to drive sales”.

“Here in St. Louis with Arch Grants, our company is rapidly accelerating into areas we have been trying to get into on our own. It’s amazing to feel the same support to succeed here as once had in the military” says Couch.

Candy Lab also developed an app for Arch Grants, available now in the Apple iTunes store. The real time updates make it convenient and highly accessible for those on the go. The app is also available in Amazon and Google Play. Go to to download – stay connected, get the latest news and learn about our portfolio companies.

About Arch Grants
Arch Grants is the global startup competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures. Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to


TrakBill: Legislative Tracking Made Simple

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By Steven Marciniak




Legislative Tracking Made Simple

There are tens of thousands of bills filed at the federal and state level every year. In addition, each of these bills may see multiple revisions and amendments before potentially being adopted. It is crucial for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations to be aware of these changes right away, in order to prepare their organizations or strategies.

Why TrakBill?

Currently, legislation at all levels is listed on disparate websites that make finding information difficult and receiving timely information, impossible. TrakBill is an intuitive platform that brings together all of this information into one searchable database. Entering a keyword or a bill number into the TrakBill search engine or mobile application produces the results that could take hours to find, otherwise. And a one-click tracking system empowers Fortune 500 companies and non-profits to receive real-time updates on changes to their legislation. Subscribers are also able to search and track committees and legislators, creating a single space where all important updates can be seen.

What’s next?

We are consistently updating our system to ensure we are at the forefront of what is happening in government and our system has what our clients need. Updates throughout the remainder of 2013 will include additional states’ tracked legislation, advanced reporting and search features, along with intelligent recommendations for bills one may wish to track.
At TrakBill, we are helping companies, non-profits and individuals face the daunting task of tracking legislation, so they can accomplish their legislative objectives efficiently and effectively.


TrakBill CEO CTO
Steven Marciniak, CEO
Arch Grants is the global startup competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures.  Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to In order for our supporters and community members to better know the great things are portfolio companies are doing, check back weekly for Startup Stories.

TrakBill to Host Roundtable on Technology in Education

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Discussion: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Education
Partner: Digital Learning Alliance
Location: 1017 Olive Street, Suite 700, Saint Louis, Missouri 63101
Time: Thursday, September 5, 2013, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Event Details:
Utilizing the varied expertise and industry experience of Saint Louis Region executives, educators and legislators, TrakBill and the Digital Learning Alliance are hosting a roundtable discussion on technology in education. The purpose of this event is to strategize how technology can best be incorporated into the educational system through public policy initiatives. Some questions will be prepared ahead of time, with input from invitees, with the majority of the time open to the free flow of ideas.

Develop Saint Louis into a hub for innovative thinking and economic growth, which can serve as a model for cities across the country.

About TrakBill:
“Our mission is to provide real-time information indicating progress of legislation and the broader process of lawmaking in the United States at both the state and federal level. Our vision is to be the tool to educate, engage, and inspire all citizens to participate in the process of government. Our dream is to increase efficiency and improve effectiveness of government by placing ethical accountability and social transparency in the hands of the people.” Find out more at TrakBill is a 2013 Arch Grant recipient located in downtown St. Louis, MO>

About Digital Learning Alliance:
“Our mission is to improve economic growth across America by advocating for personalized education through the use of digital learning technologies as we empower legislators with the resources to pass new legislation — state by state — integrating technology solutions in pre-K-12, higher education, and adult learning, resulting in the skilled workforce of the future. Our vision is to help students of every age by providing state legislators research and legislative templates to solve dozens of educational issues using powerful digital learning technologies, which exponentially multiply the effectiveness of our teachers, enabling our students to achieve their full potential.” Find out more at



EternoGen Closes $1 Million Series A Financing

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Summeternogener 2013 – Venture-backed EternoGen LLC. announces that its closure on $1.065 million in Series A financing and anticipates a second tranche of up to $500,000 due to significant interest from the investment community. EternoGen is committed to making its platform technology, Nano Engineered Collagen Replenishment Therapy a leader in the rapidly growing regenerative aesthetic market. The company will use the proceeds of the current financing round to conduct human studies as the first step to commercialization in Europe and Asia in 2014, followed by the US. Nano Engineered Collagen Replenishment Therapy is uniquely positioned to expand the aesthetic market for the treatment of aging skin currently addressed by dermal fillers and Botulinum Toxins.

“Our successful financing was a marker, we believe, of our company’s significant progress this year and potential in the near future,” said Luis Jimenez, EternoGen President & CEO. “We look forward to commercializing our aesthetic indication in Europe, and believe that our natural, regenerative approach to skin ageing will expand the entire category by offing a completely unique approach to restoring skin strength.

As we age our body naturally produces less collagen, resulting in aging, sagging skin. Without correction, this inevitably contributes to a reduction in the skin’s elasticity, the development of wrinkles and dermal volume loss.

The most prevalent way to correct signs of aging is through the use of dermal fillers, which are bulking agents of various materials that are injected in the dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin and botulinum toxins which relax wrinkle forming muscles, both of which are injected by aesthetic physicians. The addressable worldwide market has skyrocketed into a $2 billion dollar industry in the past decade, with an expected growth rate of 12 -15% per year.

Collagen is known to be an optimal biomaterial for aesthetic purposes due to its favorable side effect profile, rapid integration and regeneration of the dermis providing an instant natural lasting. However no collagen options are currently available for aesthetic use. EternoGen will be recognized as the only provider of nano-engineered collagen replenishment therapy, the next generation collagen brand for the global aesthetic market.

Dr. Chris Inglefield, plastic surgeon and director of the world renowned London Bridge Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic, says: “EternoGen’s collagen technology will perfectly compliment my existing aesthetic options, there is a real need for a long lasting collagen to reinforce the skins support matrix, restoring lost volume, elasticity and overall skin strength”.

EternoGen launches into the commercialization phase by inaugurating three offices: a pilot production facility in Columbia, Missouri; an Operations Head Offices in St. Louis, Missouri; and a Commercial Head Offices in Stockholm, Sweden where it plans to launch to Europe.

About EternoGen

Columbia, Missouri -based EternoGen is a medical Bio-Tech company with a focus on designing and manufacturing novel collagen replenishment therapies for soft tissue therapeutic applications. EternoGen is a research and development company that utilizes expertise in clinical market evaluation, material science, and biological engineering to execute its clinical development model.

The mission of the company is to provide superior collagen-based products for a variety of minimally invasive surgical applications by leveraging applied nanotechnology and soft tissue engineering.


For more information, please visit

CEO: Luis Jimenez

Company Contact: Anna Tenstam Lundvall



Arch Grants is the global startup competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to early stage ventures.  Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to In order for our supporters and community members to better know the great things are portfolio companies are doing, check back weekly for Startup Stories.

Arch Grants Releases First Year’s Impact in St. Louis and Announces Gala

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Arch Grants Releases First Year’s Impact in St. Louis and Announces Gala


St. Louis, MO (August 29, 2013)—Arch Grants, the St. Louis global startup competition that provides $50,000 non-dilutive grants to startup businesses announced the results for its first year operations of the winning startup companies. In their first year, the 15 companies have generated over $2.5MM in revenues, have raised over $3.3MM in follow on capital, and created 76 jobs.  “In the first year’s competition, Arch Grants’ winning entrepreneurs came from St. Louis as well as Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Champaign, Illinois, and Australia, France and Costa Rica.  We’re thrilled with their dramatic success in building revenue, raising capital and creating jobs in St. Louis to compete in the global economy,” said Jerry Schlichter, President of Arch Grants. “The St. Louis community has been tremendously supportive of the mission of Arch Grants to put us on the international map as a great place for entrepreneurs.”

In its first year, 15 companies were each awarded $50,000 grants with two of those companies, Food Essentials and simMachines, each receiving $100,000 in additional follow on grants. The startups received free legal, accounting and marketing services in addition to cloud computing software, business mentoring and a host of business connections to help make them successful. Companies must be based in St. Louis or move to St. Louis. Arch Grants is a not for profit which, unlike most business competitions, takes no equity in the companies, allowing them to retain 100% ownership.

“The rapid access to capital was absolutely critical to us,” said Merle Symes, CEO of 2012 Arch Grant winning startup Graematter. “The publicity and credibility was of tremendous help to us. The support services were very helpful to us. The low cost office space helped us to preserve capital. The ongoing support from the Arch Grants team was outstanding.  We also have enjoyed the camaraderie with the other Arch Grants winners.”

“Arch Grants is helping to change the landscape of St. Louis,” said St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay.  “The Arch Grants winners are bringing new life, new innovations and new opportunities into the City.”

Denny Coleman, Chairman of the St. Louis Economic Development partnership added, “These are outstanding results.  Arch Grants has drawn positive attention to St. Louis, and I congratulate everyone involved on their contribution to the program.”

Arch Grants recently funded 20 new companies on July 1st in its second round for a total of 35 companies funded.  Arch Grants will be holding its inaugural Gala on Saturday, October 12, the first celebration of entrepreneurship in St. Louis.  At the Gala, Maxine Clark, founder of Build-A-Bear, will be given the inaugural Arch Grants Entrepreneur Award in recognition of her success in founding and building her global company in St. Louis. To buy tickets online and for more info go to or on mobile at

About Arch Grants

Arch Grants is the global business competition providing $50,000 non-dilutive grants to promising startup businesses. Its mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure to build successful companies in St. Louis. For more information, go to or on mobile at

Code Red Education: Altruistic Edupreneurs

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By: Michael Palmer

Code Red Education LogoTo paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr., when schools flourish then everything flourishes.  After being an educator for the past decade, my colleagues and I have seen a narrowing of the mission of schools in general.  When America’s public education system was established, it was originally a two tract system.  By the end of high school, you were either destined to go on to the collegiate world and pursue an advance degree or be employed in America’s quickly growing manufacturing system.  Through the 1970s, this was the system that allowed my relatives to move into careers that provided for them with either a white-collar desk job or a highly skilled blue collar job, both which allowed entry into the middle class.  This is the system that provided that human capital necessary to propel regions like Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and St. Louis as manufacturing centers that began to grow.

However, as the century progressed, the economic system changed and moved towards highly technological forms of labor and those in the old manufacturing system were left behind.  Concurrently, education began to push for students to only pursue college after high school graduation.  We are now in an economic system where the highest paying careers are based in STEM education.  However, students are told that they will gain the majority of this knowledge once they finish high school and move onto a good college.  From anyone that is aware of how our brains work, they would realize there is a fallacy in that way of thinking.

The reason certain people and groups are allowed to succeed is mainly due to the variable of time and exposure.  The earlier someone is exposed and allowed to practice a skill, the greater their proficiency is later in life.  It is common sense.  If little Billy is allowed to play the piano one hour a week but little Betty is allowed to play it one hour a day, Betty is going to be playing Mozart while Billy is trying to master “Chopsticks”.  If we can expose students to a rigorous technical education that focuses on deep computer science skills and computer coding fluency, we can cultivate a generation of highly capable developers that don’t just understand technology, but are masters of it.

Code Red Education has aimed to solve this problem.   How can we provide tech companies with skilled developers as well as give students access to a viable career option after high school graduation?  Computer coding.  There are roughly 50,000 unfilled computer science jobs every year and that deficit continues to grow.  If we train students how to code at an early age and cultivate these skills, we can provide an excellent source of human capital for companies to draw on.

We have developed a fully integratable curriculum that can be fit into any STEM class that teaches computer science skills and computer coding.  Our curriculum is easily accessible to teaches which allows them to teach it without being experienced coders themselves.  We provide a “curriculum in the box” model which does not leave a student to their own devices on a web portal that “creates coders”.  Our system actively engages the classroom environment and allows students to be guided through their coding education instead of being thrown to the wolves.

Other education technology companies focus purely on a technological solution to this problem.  We focus on finding a way that works in our education system.  We are changing the system while being a part of it.  Plugging students into a computer screen and letting them sit there with minimal guidance for a hour doesn’t work.  Doesn’t work.  Not a bit.  Good for getting kids to mindless click their way through till they get the right answer but they learn absolutely nothing.  Trust me, I’ve run online credit recovery programs and the software is great but it’s not a way that kids learn.  They require some motivation and someone there to focus them.  We provide the solution to this problem by providing teachers with lessons that allow them to be experts without coding experience as well as deliver a curriculum that is held to incredibly high standards and is developed by educators.  We also keep schools in as clients by offering an annual renewal subscription which allows new lessons to be implemented in each of our four modules three times a year.  This allows us to continually teach highly demanded skills and languages.

We are a company of education fanatics.  We are the ones that look to shift the paradigm of education and bring beneficial, long term change to our education system.  Code Red aims to make an adaptable education system in place for as Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that prospers but the most adaptable.”  We are forced to be adaptable in a system that resists change and are fortunate enough to have champions that realize that schools are a business.  Our customers are our students and we have not been giving them the best product that we can.

Our advice to other entrepreneurs is to understand what your company’s culture is.  We call ourselves an altruistic for-profit.  Think Tom’s Shoes, Ethos Water, or the Feed campaign at Target.  We are trying to change the world but making money while doing it.  It allows us to focus on our passion while solving our need as human beings to generate profit.  As Aristolte says, “Every man must fill his belly.”  If we are able to profit and do good for our community in the world, then we are able to redouble our efforts and realizing that allows us to know who we are and move from that base.

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Michael Palmer, Founder/Chief Instigator of Code Red Education



Code Red Education is the recipient of the Education Reform Arch Grant, made possible by our generous sponsors at the Regional Business Council and the John C. and Mary Kaye Fort Family Fund.


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Fashion Meets Sports: Triflare

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By: Andrea Robertson

We love fashion and we love sports! Why not put the two together? Triflare is a triathlon/athletic apparel company designed with every level of the woman competitor in mind.  Our mission is to provide women athletes on all skill levels with gear that is beautiful but hard driving, daring but unrelenting, uncommon but competitive…just like  women triathletes themselves.  Triathletes display an impressive amount of self-discipline and controlled energy; Triflare offers them the chance to show these talents with flare.

I grew up with three older brothers, so competition was always part of my childhood. My brothers would create “game days” where every sport imaginable was part of an activity. While my brothers earned a point for every successful attempt, I (being the little sister) got half a point. This is where the drive to compete was born! Eventually, I attended the University of Missouri where I was a member and captain of the women’s soccer team. It was my senior year of college that my Missouri swim team friends encouraged me to try a triathlon. I was hooked and in 2009 qualified for Team USA at age group national championships. Two weeks later I won Mrs. America, 2010. Two weeks following these national competitions, I was back on the starting line of my next triathlon race in a men’s trisuit! When I shopped for my competition suit, I noticed the option to look fashionable AND race was not available. Thus, the idea of Triflare was born.

Alicia minneapolisIn June 2012, I decided to have some suits made with prints that I had designed with the help of friend and Project Runway sweetheart, Laura Kathleen ( It soon became obvious to me that my fellow women triathletes were also looking for more selection and variety, so my team and I started making more suits with more designs, launched a website, and now are in stores in St. Louis and Canada. Perhaps our most exciting, recent news is that with some of the winnings from the Arch Grants, we were able to sponsor our first professional triathlete, Alicia Kaye. We signed her on June 21, 2013, and on Sunday, June 23, she won the Muskoka 5150 Triathlon Series race in Canada wearing Triflare. Her next race was the Minneapolis Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in July, and she won again wearing another fun design by Triflare. Be on the lookout! She has confirmed the cover of the fall/winter issue of Triathlete Magazine. She will be sporting our newest launch, Triflare Running and Cycling. And help us cheer on Alicia as she completes the 5150 race series and the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon series in September…both of which she is currently leading. and @aliciakayetri on twitter.


Thanks for reading!

Keep Tri-ing,

Andrea Robertson Founder of Triflare

Andrea Robertson CEO





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Lunch and Learn with Mueller Prost: Grants and Tax Incentives for startups

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New Development Grants|Tax Incentives

Lunch — Learning— Networking

Mueller Prost PCLooking for funding sources but unfamiliar with what is available? Come and find out. Mueller Prost PC’s Tax Consultants Teri Samples and Mike Devereux will help you uncover grants suitable for your startup, as well as tax incentives for research and development or hiring. You won’t want to miss this informative Lunch and Learn.

RSVP for lunch:


Event Information:

Date: Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time: Noon

Location: T-Rex, 611 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63101

Floor 12 Conference Room

For lunch, please rsvp here by August 27th, 2013.




Help Immunophotonics Change the World.

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By: Lu Alleruzzo & Tomas Hode

Our goal is to not only establish an international biotech company, but every day we strive to change the way people think about cancer and their treatment options. Immunophotonics began with this underlying mission back in 2008 by introducing inCVAX, a novel therapeutic cancer vaccine.   

Mary is a 70 year old mother of three. Knowing that she has cancer in the family, she has always been careful to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and continues to exercise five days a week. Nevertheless, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a partial mastectomy to remove the cancerous tissue. Unfortunately, two years later the cancer returned, this time metastatic – in her breast and lung. Per recommendation from a doctor, she received two inCVAX treatments. The tumors subsequently resolved and her physician confirmed that she was in clinical remission. Two years later Mary continues to enjoy a cancer free life.

This is the essence of Immunophotonics and the passion that drives the managers, advisors, physicians, and investors that support the company each step of the way. Therefore, our united vision is to help create a world in which cancer is neither deadly nor a precursor to suffering, and in which treatment is globally affordable and accessible.

Immunophotonics is a biotech company that has developed an in situ therapeutic cancer vaccine (inCVAX) for the treatment of advanced, solid tumor cancers. In short, inCVAX is a simple two-injection procedure that educates a patient’s immune system to identify their cancer as foreign and eliminate it throughout the body. inCVAX is practical to administer and nontoxic, while at the same time, it is potentially highly effective against an unwavering predator. We are now completing the final nonclinical tasks required to initiate GCP clinical trials in the US, EU and China.

Globally over seven million people continue to die each year from this disease, despite other developments in the field. Through the widespread introduction of inCVAX, we hope to diminish this affliction on society and will continue to save lives – just like Mary’s.

Help Immunophotonics Change the World

Lu Alleruzzo_Immunophotonics Troy Jiao_ImmunophotonicsTomas Hode_Immunophotonics

Tomas Hode (CEO), Lu Alleruzzo (COO), Troy Jiao (BD)



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Lunch and Learn with Susan S. Elliott

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Come and enjoy a candid discussion with Arch Grants board member Susan S. Elliott, founder of Systems Service Enterprise, Inc. as she discusses her experience as an entrepreneur and signs a copy of her book, Across the Divide, for the first 15 to sign up:

SusanSElliott_Arch Grants Board2Susan S. Elliott founded SSE in 1966 in the midst of a decade that was known for innovative technology, but not for women leaders in the field. Throughout the early stages of SSE’s growth, Susan used the technology expertise and programming knowledge she had gained working at IBM, beginning as a programmer in 1958, and nurtured her leading-edge business to be one of the largest Information Technology Solution Providers in the St. Louis area.  Susan holds an AB degree from Smith College. Now Chairman of SSE, she has served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  She, also, has served on the boards of Ameren, Angelica, Webster University, Regional Business Council (RBC) of which she was a charter member, St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association (RCGA), the St. Louis Zoological Foundation, and the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA), which she led as President.  She was an original commissioner on the Missouri Lottery Commission and currently serves on the board of the St. Louis Science Center and Arch Grants. Susan loves that St. Louis is a big “small town” with enormous opportunities and amenities for all, not to mention the fact that is has been home to many generations of Susan’s and her husband’s families.


Pizza will be provided, so make sure to RSVP here early.

Event information:

Location: T-Rex, 611 Olive Street, St. Louis MO – 12th Floor Conference Room (head left after exiting the elevators)

Date: Thursday, August 15th

Time: Noon  – 1pm



A Boring Product That Delivers Not So Boring Results

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By Chuck Lee:

As you travel down the interstate I’m sure that you’ve seen these black and orange or yellow and green machines, about the size of a small car, along the side of the highway accompanied by large 4 – 6′ spools of orange flexible conduit (hose or pipe to the lay person). This is the world that I live in, the world of fiber optic cable and data transmission lines.


All of this equipment and conduit is there for one reason, to lay miles and miles of underground cable, out of the elements, at a constant temperature and removed from harms way. My company, U.S. Drilling Products, manufactures and sells a patented Directional Underground Boring Bit that these colorful machines use to bore the pathways in which this conduit and the eventual cable lines are inserted.


Our bits are a little different from every other drilling products manufacturer’s bits though, because our bits are designed to bore through solid rock, that’s right, solid rock like granite, limestone and such. We’re the only bit that can do this, bore through solid rock, I mean. There are certain areas of the country, where just below the surface, lay hundred’s of feet of solid rock. The state of Missouri is one of these areas.


In the past Utility Contractors, the companies that own the equipment and drill the horizontal pathways, had to ‘trench and blast’ the rock before they could lay down any conduit. That process is expensive, inefficient and disturbs the environment. Using the U.S. Drilling Products Rock Bit eliminates those costs and enables the Contractors to perform the bore much quicker, use less labor and free up the expensive machinery so that it can be moved to the next job site.


We have manufactured our first batch of bits, right here in the St Louis area, and are in the process of calling on Utility Contractors throughout the Midwest, educating them on how our bit can reduce their costs, improve their productivity and not disturb the environment nearly as much as they have in the past. We want them to test it and see for themselves how well it performs.


So, if you see those machines and conduit along the side of a road you’ll know what’s happening. And if you have a contact at a Utility Contractor or General Contractor I’d appreciate an introduction. Feel free to contact me, Chuck Lee, at either 314-791-3564 or Have a great day.

US Drilling Products

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Welcome to newest sponsors, Ballpark Village and Cordish

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Ballpark Village logoThe newest supporters of Arch Grants include Wexford, the developers of Ballpark Village, Cordish, the Baltimore based developers, the Regional Business Council and the John C. and Mary Kaye Fort Family Foundation, and Mary Randolph Ballinger.  The Regional Business Council and John C. and Mary Kaye Fort Family Foundation have underwritten a 3-year grant for education reform. Arch Grants saw an increase in education reform applications due to concerted efforts in this space.  We appreciate their support and welcome you to join their ranks.   A special thank you also goes out to our other generous sponsors, including Emerson, Husch Blackwell, Advantage Capital, Peabody Energy, US Bank, Thompson Coburn LLP, Posinelli Shughart, the City of St. Louis, the Missouri Technology Corporation, and the Downtown Community Improvement District and others. Individual donors include Jack Taylor, George Herbert Walker, Robert Hermann Sr. and Robert Hermann Jr., among others. Arch Grants is a 501(c)(3). One hundred percent of donations goes towards grants to startup companies, providing the only way to give directly to startups in a tax deductible manner. Please reach out with any donor-related inquiries to 314.489.5011.

Save the Date for Arch Grants’ Inaugural Gala: October 12, 2013

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Arch Grants unveils its plans to host itsfirst economic development focused gala of its kind on Saturday October 12, 2013. The Chase Park Plaza in the Central West End will host the event focused on celebrating the new entrepreneurial spirit of St. Louis and building the St. Louis of tomorrow.  Build-a-Bear founder Maxine Clark will be honored for her work as an entrepreneur. Make sure to SAVE THE DATE and check out our website for sponsorship opportunities.