HiHo Mobility

Origin: Ontario | Grant Awarded: 2018 | Status: Active

What is HiHo Mobility?

HiHo Mobility provides a shared work fleet solution for staff in-the-field. The system was developed based on feedback from Stanford University. Think of an internal Uber-style system, except technicians can request rides, tools, assets and supplies. The system is human-driven for now with easy integrations for self-driving vehicles once safe and approved. HiHo is solving the problem of work vehicles costing over $8,000/year, while only being used 5% of the day. Additional services may become available soon, such as on-demand safety spotters for lone workers.

Company Leadership

Tim Lichti

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tim is a University of Waterloo graduate. Passions include rapid business development, team building and Arsenal FC. He has been named one of Canada’s Top 12 Innovators at Work by The Globe & Mail and was nominated for an Innovator of the Year award by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Tim enjoys listening to customers describe paint points without clear solutions and building products to solve those pains.

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