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Easytork Automation Corporation: A Merger of Two Worlds

September 13, 2013 • Arch Grant News

By: George Wang

I began my career as an investment banker in New York City, and my views of companies were abstract with their worth quantifiable into tables with best case and worst case scenarios. Never mind the idea, the execution, or the team – just give me the precise numbers, and there better be no margin of error. That was my old world, and through a twist of fate I find myself staring curiously back at my old self. Easytork Automation Corporation was founded on nothing else but a strong gut feeling that we have unearthed a great technology, we believe our idea is executable because we have experts and talent on our management team, and through a dynamic and interactive company we evolve towards perfection through experimentation – never mind the numbers.

Easytork manufactures pneumatic actuators, which is used to remotely control valves and is integral to automating plants. Our applications are commonly found on manufacturing facilities (our end users) that require a lot of pipelines, e.g, Anheuser-Busch. Plants that generally use our product manufacture chemical, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, mining, oil & gas, pulp & paper, manage waste water, and others.

It is through the same curious lens that I look at the industry Easytork is in, specifically the valve automation industry. On one hand, a Wall Street market research report I came across paints this industry with having old habits and low product adoption cycle. However, I find that as “after the fact” analysis without understanding the story behind the numbers. It’s not that people in our industry are behind the curve, in fact, in my day-to-day encounters I come across some of the most inquisitive, smart, practical, and open minds. I stipulate this entrenchment is because no one designed a compelling enough actuator since the 1970s to make these inquisitive minds want to take a look.

Our gut says we have a compelling new design; we have a new product that will bring about a win-win-win-win-win-win, that’s six of them, to the industry. To our end-users they get the most compact, highest quality product (measured empirically by cycle life), at or below prices they are used to. To our distributors, they get a product that will minimize their inventory by at least five fold. Not only can our distributors save on time and overhead cost, they can provide additional solutions otherwise unavailable. To our local community, we will bring back manufacturing presence because we know it’s all about quality and delivery time. We don’t need to rely on cutting corners and cost to survive. Effectively, when everyone wins, it compels.

The definition of a startup is the future is uncertain, but you keep moving towards the goal post. Our gut has gotten us very far, furthermore it has been reinforced through our clients affirming and sharing our vision. At a future date, the numbers will accurately reflect our vision and entrepreneur spirit, and when that day comes it will be a merger and acquisition of both worlds.

George Wang, CEO
Easytork pic


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