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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Tyler King of Less Annoying CRM

November 21, 2014 • Arch Grant News
This month we interviewed Tyler King, Co-Founder and CEO at Less Annoying CRM, about life as an entrepreneur and his experience so far in St. Louis. Less Annoying CRM is a 2014 Arch Grants Recipient.


What is your business?
Our business is to create a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for very small businesses to organize leads, tasks, and anything they need to keep track of. We started behaving like a real startup two years ago, and are now hiring aggressively as we grow.


Why is your startup unique?
We are going after a segment that is currently overlooked. There are a lot of CRM companies, but almost all are going after enterprise customers. The 1 – 20 person company is a segment that has not been paid much attention to.


What do you enjoy about being an entrepreneur?
I enjoy the amount of creativity it allows. If you have a big idea, no matter how crazy it is, you can go and try it out to see if it works.


What is your job?
I have a background in design and programming. As we have gotten bigger, I spend more of my time managing the team and working on product design. We have eight people working for us in total, with six located in St. Louis.


What do you enjoy about working in St. Louis?
The company moved here after we looked at all the pros and cons of cities across the U.S. The number one key for us was building a great team, and St. Louis is the best place to build a great team. St. Louis has Washington University in St. Louis, which is the best school in a low cost-of-living city. We are excited to keep some of the talent from that school here in St. Louis.


What is one piece of advice that you would give to an aspiring entrepreneur?
Take your time. A lot of startups fail because they make avoidable mistakes.


What do you wish you would’ve known when you began working on your startup?
I didn’t have a good understanding of how customer acquisition worked. I kind of thought that if we built a great product, people would come. We had to make significant changes to the type of customer we were going after.


Describe your experience with T-REX.
Awesome. This is our first office even though we are five years old. It has a casual startup feel, going month-to-month allows flexibility, and working with other startups provides motivation. We can think about how many people we can hire and know that the space will be there for them.


Describe your experience with Arch Grants.
Great. When we ask for help, they are there for us. Otherwise, they don’t get into the operations of our business, which is great for us. Getting to know the other finalists and recipients of Arch Grants is also great.


What advice would you give to an entrepreneur applying for Arch Grants?
I would advise them to have some sign of success (validation) that they can present at a Finalist Pitch Day.