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Help Immunophotonics Change the World.

August 9, 2013 • Arch Grant News

By: Lu Alleruzzo & Tomas Hode

Our goal is to not only establish an international biotech company, but every day we strive to change the way people think about cancer and their treatment options. Immunophotonics began with this underlying mission back in 2008 by introducing inCVAX, a novel therapeutic cancer vaccine.   

Mary is a 70 year old mother of three. Knowing that she has cancer in the family, she has always been careful to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and continues to exercise five days a week. Nevertheless, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a partial mastectomy to remove the cancerous tissue. Unfortunately, two years later the cancer returned, this time metastatic – in her breast and lung. Per recommendation from a doctor, she received two inCVAX treatments. The tumors subsequently resolved and her physician confirmed that she was in clinical remission. Two years later Mary continues to enjoy a cancer free life.

This is the essence of Immunophotonics and the passion that drives the managers, advisors, physicians, and investors that support the company each step of the way. Therefore, our united vision is to help create a world in which cancer is neither deadly nor a precursor to suffering, and in which treatment is globally affordable and accessible.

Immunophotonics is a biotech company that has developed an in situ therapeutic cancer vaccine (inCVAX) for the treatment of advanced, solid tumor cancers. In short, inCVAX is a simple two-injection procedure that educates a patient’s immune system to identify their cancer as foreign and eliminate it throughout the body. inCVAX is practical to administer and nontoxic, while at the same time, it is potentially highly effective against an unwavering predator. We are now completing the final nonclinical tasks required to initiate GCP clinical trials in the US, EU and China.

Globally over seven million people continue to die each year from this disease, despite other developments in the field. Through the widespread introduction of inCVAX, we hope to diminish this affliction on society and will continue to save lives – just like Mary’s.

Help Immunophotonics Change the World

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Tomas Hode (CEO), Lu Alleruzzo (COO), Troy Jiao (BD)



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