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IDC Projects Announces Name Change to Lumate

September 12, 2013 • Arch Grant News

ST. LOUIS, MO – September 9, 2013 – – Lumate, a context driven mobile advertising platform, today announced its new logo and branding. Formerly IDC Projects, the companyis now known as Lumate. The change reflects an effort to create a more customer-friendly brand. Lumate partnered with goBRANDgo! to design and develop the new brand.

“We wanted a brand that was unique and memorable. Although it wasn’t clear, advertising has always been our core business. However, instead of building apps ourselves, now we partner with other app publishers to help them make more money. The new brand denotes that shift in strategy.” said Michael Orlando, President. Lumate enables advertisers to buy hyperlocal, context-based advertising within hundreds of mobile apps. With access to millions of impressions a day in the greater St. Louis area, advertisers can reach users in any place they’d like, such as an airport or stadium, at any time, all while keeping a tight control on their budgets.

About Lumate
Lumate improves the mobile ad experience by only showing relevant ads to users. The AdTrade™ and AdMotive™ suites of advertiser tools enable local business to reach only their intended audience, resulting in a very cost efficient advertising medium. Mobile apps are not the same as web sites: fundamental technologies such as tracking cookies do not translate to the mobile app space. Lumate uses a variety of technical capabilities to create true context around advertising: geo-location, direct user feedback, and third party data partnerships. Lumate’s proprietary technology is flexible, empowering businesses to restrict ads to a small area in their building or scale up to a global campaign with billions of impressions.

Founded in 2008, Lumate is an Arch Grants recipient, Capital Innovators graduate, and received an investment from the Missouri Technology Corporation. Lumate is based in downtown St. Louis with offices in Rolla, Missouri. The company was formerly named IDC Projects and was started at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.


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