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Material Mix — Financial Benefits of Byproduct Synergy

February 12, 2013 • Arch Grant News

Bridging the Recycling Gap

The Midwest is endowed with a higher concentration of manufactures than anywhere else in the country. Pair this advantage with a well-established network of recyclable commodity buyers, and it is clear that this region is strategically positioned to lead the country in sustainable materials management.

Material MixAt a global level, there is an urgent need for businesses to reduce their environmental impact. In the US alone, manufacturers generate over 170 million tons of waste each year. About 34% of this material is reusable, and is often worth twice over what it costs to throw it out. There is a large, under-served market seeking these reusable materials. Implementing sustainable materials management is an easy (an often overlooked) way to reduce operating expenses and promote collaborative industrial byproduct synergies.

Why Sustainable Materials Management?

Efficient materials management is a progressive way for businesses to network resources locally, foster synergistic business-to-business relationships, reduce operating expenses, improve efficiency, and surpass regulatory targets. Reusing the commodities we have on hand reduces energy spent on mining and transporting virgin resources from the environment. Moreover, there is an emerging waste-to-energy market, supported by a robust network of Midwest-based technology innovators in need of niche feedstock for their unique technology needs.

Increase Transparency, Reduce Risk

Material Mix connects manufacturers with complementary waste and recycling professionals seeking reusable inventory. Moreover, we provide best practices and regulatory resources to guide our clients to make informed purchasing decisions.

Material Mix is a disruptive web-based exchange platform that commoditizes the trade of industrial byproducts within the current waste collection industry; helping waste and recycling professionals reduce operating expenses, recover investment on inventory, and monetize the trade of their recyclables. In short, Material Mix saves time and money in a sustainable way.

Our mission is to become the global standard for sustainable materials management by:

  • Providing a secure, efficient, and profitable venue for brokering reusable/recyclable inventory
  • Engaging waste and recycling stakeholders
  • Establishing and promoting best practices for resource management


Material Mix provides an end-to-end ecosystem for waste and recycling professionals.

At Material Mix, our challenge is to provide a secure means of reducing overhead without disrupting “business as usual” for our customers. We provide a unique software solution that addresses the specialized needs of industrial manufacturers, construction & demolition professionals, and small/medium business owners alike. Material Mix aims to enhance the financial and environmental wellbeing of our customers and their community.

Allison Carmen

Material Mix is an Arch Grants and Capital Innovators partner, winner of the 2013 Missouri Clean Energy Challenge, and semifinalist in the 2012 Clean Tech Open.

Allison Carmen serves as CEO of Material Mix, Secretary of the Missouri Gateway USGBC Advocacy Committee, and Steering Committee member of WEST (Women Entrepreneurs of St. Louis).