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Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis Management Communication Client Project

October 13, 2015 • Arch Grant News • Tags:

For the third semester in a row, Arch Grants is participating as a class client for the Management Communication program at Olin Business School at Washington University. The Mission of the Management Communication Client Project (MCCP) is to partner St. Louis organizations with Olin Business Communication students for a mutually beneficial learning experience. Partner organizations present a challenge to the students who then work over the course of a semester to come up with recommendations on the topic.

We are always excited to pair with the University on projects like this – We’re eager to hear the new perspectives of the students, and are happy to be able to provide them a learning environment that is value adding to us and to them!  We’ve had positive experiences with MCCP in the past, and are pleased to be able to participate again.  Recently our organization has been looking into our recruitment process.  Recruiting applicants from all over the globe is a heavy and complicated endeavor, and we want to make sure that we’re meeting this charge with the quality and intentionality it deserves.  So – this year, we asked the group to investigate the intentionality of recruiting a diverse group of applicants into our program, and to report back to us on their evaluation, thoughts, and recommendations!  We are confident that these bright students will come up with insightful recommendations again. In addition, this is a timely and interesting project focus that both we and Dr. Linda Buhr believe will be of benefit to the students.

At Arch Grants, we always get excited by community engagement opportunities like this.  Universities that cultivate bright young people with fresh perspectives are some of the most important and valuable assets we have as a region.  Establishing a pipeline for these students’ engagement in the communities and industries that surround them is so essential, especially in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.  Our organization sits at the center of entrepreneurs, philanthropy, and economic development, so there are so many opportunities for excellent research projects for these students. We are fully behind the MCCP Program, and are very excited for this next semester!
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