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Agrela Ecosystems

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  • Origin: Missouri
  • Grant awarded in: 2017

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What is Agrela Ecosystems?

Agrela technologies are aimed at accelerating efforts to improve high-value crops while reducing inputs including water, fertilizer, electricity and fuel inputs for field crop improvement and production. We anticipate that our technology will be a transformative approach to monitor and ultimately improve crop yields and research efforts by lowering the barrier to entry for advanced remote environmental sensing and crop monitoring devices. Technologies developed by Agrela will broadly impact multiple public and private sectors of the global economy.

Company Leadership

Nadia Shakoor, PhD

Co- Founder
Chief Executive Officer
PheNode co-inventor
Danforth Center Research Manager

Todd Mockler, PhD

Co Founder
PheNode co-inventor
Phenomics & plant systems biology leader

William Kazele

Chief Operations Officer
Product Designer / Illustrator

Darren O'Brien

Project Manager / Sales
Hardware Research and Design
Product Testing

Will McHargue

Electrical and Biological Engineer
Systems Design

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