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  • Origin: MO
  • Grant awarded in: 2015

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What is Arch Innotek?

Arch Innotek is a biotech company focused on developing innovative technology to produce high-value natural ingredients for human and animal health by low-cost, sustainable fermentation-based processes.

Company Leadership

Matt Wang

Matt Wang is the Chief Scientific Officer of Arch Innotek, a 2015 Arch Grants Recipient.

Matt earned his Ph.D in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Shanghai JiaoTong University in 2007, followed by 4 years of postdoctoral training at Danforth Center. Matt brings expertise in research focused on increasingly important secondary metabolites production to his position with Arch Innotek.

Craig Morley

Craig is the Chief Executive Officer of Arch Innotek, a 2015 Arch Grants Recipient.

Craig is a high-impact sales, marketing, and operations manager--with extensive business development and general management experience. Craig has over 26 years working as a business executive and has supported several startup companies as a Senior EIR at the BioGenerator.

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