Arch Grants
  • Origin: WI
  • Grant awarded in: 2016

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What is FocalCast?

FocalCast is a enterprise cloud platform that turns any device into a live Smartboard for unlimited collaboration and presentations. FocalCast has amassed awards such as the Marquette IMPACT Next Business Competition Grand Prize, the Rice Business Plan Gimmal Corp Outstanding IT Prize, the Trailblazer Capital $50,000 Investment Prize, the Capital Innovators Spring Class 2015, and an MTC seed investment.

Company Leadership

Devin Turner

Devin Turner is the CEO and Co-Founder of Focalcast, a 2016 Arch Grants Recipient.

Devin has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University. He has previous experience as a private pilot and a NASA space shuttle engineer. Devin has won the Marquette Ignatius Scholarship, the Wisconsin Space Grant Scholarship, the Marquette Outstanding Co-Op Award, and the Otto Widera Scholarship for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering.

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