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  • Origin: MO
  • Grant awarded in: 2018

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What is Good Life Growing?

Good Life Growing believes that an incredible transition to revitalizing blighted property is possible through urban agriculture. Due to the availability of space otherwise deemed vacant or undesirable there are an abundance of hidden resources in Urban Cities across the country. Our plan is to uncover those resources and utilize them in benefit of society as a whole.

We propose to put into motion the necessary means of creating sustainable agriculture and learning hubs. Through growing food, job creation, education, exposure to agriculture, extensive hands on training, and providing healthy food to the community it is possible to create a functioning economy that satisfies the triple bottom line.

With a blend of traditional Organic Farming, Aquaponic, Hydroponic, and Aeroponic techniques we will grow as much food as efficiently possible while using minimal resources.

They are also providing an alternative to "Instacart" through their grocery store and network of local food producers.

Company Leadership

James Forbes

I'm a lot of things: a risk taker, an adventurer, an opportunist; but most importantly I'm a "people person" in the sense that I love helping out in any way that I can.

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Good Life Growing. We are a St. Louis based Urban Farming company with a conscious minded agenda to spread the Good Food Movement across the planet. Our goal is to blend diverse urban farming techniques with other methods of traditional farming. We have hopes of transitioning vacant property in to vibrant food sources and jobs. With a little luck, a lot of hard work, and the help of our friends we believe we can save the world one seed at a time.

James E. Hillis, MS

Bobby Forbes

Matt Stoyanov

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