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  • Origin: Massachusetts
  • Grant awarded in: 2014

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What is Jolt?

Jolt makes wearable head impact sensors for youth athletes. The sensors communicate in real time with a connected mobile application to identify dangerous impacts. In the event of a dangerous impact, the player, coaches, and parents are notified so that the athlete can be removed from activity for sideline evaluation. An in-app evaluation protocol identifies if the player requires additional medical attention.

Company Leadership

Benjamin Harvatine

Benjamin Harvatine is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jolt, a 2014 Arch Grants recipient.

Benjamin earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012. Before joining Jolt, Benjamin currently also serves as a Partner and Co-Founder at Birddog Innovations and brings experience working with Anheuser-Busch InBev to his position as CEO of Jolt.

John Lin

John Lin is the VP of Software of Jolt, a 2014 Arch Grants recipient.

John earned his degree Massechusets Institute of Technology. Before joining Jolt, John served as the Technical Lead at ReDigi, Inc.

Featured Press

Forbes, October 2016: These Four Young Inventors Aim To Be The Next Edisons

MIT News, August 2016: When to get your head out of the game

EWeek, August 2016: Jolt Sensor Helps Parents, Coaches Track Concussions in Athletes



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