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  • Origin: LA
  • Grant awarded in: 2018

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What is Podcast Press?

PodcastPress is an Audio & Voice creation platform. We enable brands to purchase, plan, and record professional high-quality audio & voice content from anywhere in the world. We help growing companies, personalities, and brands connect with their audience through audio content and podcasts. PodcastPress has produced more than 20,000 podcasts for over 300 Global brands such as Salesforce, Harvard University, and the University of Pennsylvania. PodcastPress gives content producers a simple and intuitive platform to run their audio & voice productions. PodcastPress was established as an independent, smart-digital company with a pulse of present technology and eyes set on the future. Our cloud solution and stable internet business model enable us to produce podcasts and digital products for clients all over the world.

Company Leadership

Gabriel Murillo

As an internet entrepreneur and web technologist, I currently manage growth at PodcastPress. I have a natural passion for personal evolution. I love traveling all over the world. Some of my personal passions include flying airplanes (I’m in the process of getting my pilot license), reading non-fiction, my family, and my business team.

Here are a few of the things that drive me both in my personal and professional life:
Agile learning, excitement for the future, and a desire to grow and expand with others.

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