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  • Grant awarded in: 2018

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What is ThermoAI?

ThermoAI is using AI and IoT to optimize combustion, saving millions in fuel and reducing emissions. Our team includes a machine-learning Ph.D. from Oxford, a chemical engineer, and a published applied AI expert. We are currently seeing increasing of combustion efficiency of 3%-5% with our existing proof-of-concepts.

Company Leadership

Aiden Livingston

Applied AI expert, contributor to VentureBeat's AI section, and author of the upcoming book "The AI Entrepreneur - how to bring AI to legacy industries". Marketing consultant from Manhattan having worked with Fortune 50 companies.

Carolina Chaves

Chemical engineer from Nacional Universidad of Colombia. Member of TAYEA (Termodinámica aplicada y energías alternativas) or Applied Thermodynamics and Alternative Energies.

David Watson

Doctoral candidate at Oxford University. Expert on machine learning and causal modelling for complex, high-dimensional systems.

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