Arch Grants
  • Origin: Minnesota
  • Grant awarded in: 2014

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What is Tuloko?

Tuloko is a web-based marketplace that lets consumers, corporations, and government agencies connect with minority and women-owned businesses (M/WBE). Tuloko is Angie’s List for the M/WBE businesses.

Company Leadership

Sean Armstrong

Sean Armstrong is the Co-Founder of Tuloko, a 2014 Arch Grants recipient.

Sean has a background in business consulting, technology and operations.

Duane Johnson

Duane Johnson is the Co-Founder of Tuloko, a 2014 Arch Grants Recipient.

Duane has a background in corporate retail and is focused on business development and marketing at Tuloko. Tuloko curates business information on minority and women owned businesses to help connect consumers, large corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions with these historically underutilized businesses.

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