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Tech Cocktail Covers Arch Grants’ Journey to Boosting St. Louis Entrepreneurial Culture

January 31, 2014 • Arch Grant News

Tech Cocktail is an online media company with the community for innovation enthusiasts to come together to learn and discuss new ideas happening all over the country. Tech Cocktail was started in 2006 by Frank Gruber, a former AOL and Tribune product strategist. At first, its aim was only to accelerate the local Chicago startup scene and tech communities.  Later came Jen Consalvo to mold Tech Cocktail into a full time media company. Now, Tech Cocktail organizes events for startup companies, entrepreneurs and the technology obsessed while still supporting the online community by covering startup news, tricks and trends.

Tech Cocktail specializes in hosting events for these innovation enthusiasts all over the country as well as across the globe. These events are meant to attract the local technology entrepreneurs to bring them together to build the tech startup scene in each city.  And while they’re mingling, they might learn a thing or two! Some of the events include local mixers, breakfasts, conferences, and festivals in several different cities. In the past, Tech Cocktail has made a point to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Boulder to attempt to share technology knowledge with the startup communities in each city.

The website is also well known for writing articles focused on the tech startup scene around the country which are featured on the front page of the website. There are several different talented writers who are also innovation enthusiasts who wish to share their passion with the country. Readers can select the regional based edition at the top of the screen to get informed on the latest tech innovations in their area. A few of these regions include; Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

As you can see, St. Louis is not one of those regions. It wasn’t until recently that Tech Cocktail took notice of the St. Louis tech startup scene. In late 2013, Will Schmidt took a liking to the St. Louis startup scene and began to write on the entrepreneurial culture beginning to rise from the ashes of a devastating recession that took the country by storm in the past few years. One of the most recent articles, “A Look Inside the Quietly Growing St. Louis Startup Scene” discusses Cliff Holekamp and Jim McKelvey’s recent ventures to boost St. Louis’ ecosystem while focusing on the entrepreneurs in the city as well.  On January 29th, 2014 Schmidt wrote an article about Arch Grants’ Global Startup Competition. He explains the mission of Arch Grants and what the competition can do for the St. Louis entrepreneurial culture. Schmidt goes on to state that, “St. Louis’ tech startup scene is growing and it’s not slowing down any time soon”.  He couldn’t be any more right on that note. At Arch Grants we are committed to building and maintaining the entrepreneurial culture in St. Louis. We want to put St. Louis on the map for startups and find a permanent place in the minds of innovation enthusiasts, like the readers of Tech Cocktail.