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May 15, 2013 • Arch Grant News

Marshall Haas, co-founder of Obsorb and Texas native gives color to two unique global startup competitions for one very unique reason — he and his co-founder were winners of both. Venture Beat, a national online blog that covers disruptive technologies is paying attention to the St. Louis startup space. It featured Haas’s experience of winning both Startup Chile and the Arch Grants Competition. Haas reports that while there are many startup competitions, not all share the same hue; for example, both Startup Chile and Arch Grants provide non-equity taking cash installments to winners in subsequent tranches but the method of disbursement differs. Arch Grants provides $20,000 in the first quarter of the program and $10,000 in each subsequent quarter while Startup Chile provides funding on a reimbursement method for expenses incurred. Other factors to consider before applying for an international competition include knowing currency rates (such as, if a conversion will occur), cost and ease of access to office equipment, and the connections and access that winning a competition will provide. Haas highlights the importance of the support network that accompanies each competition, a factor that Arch Grants and the St. Louis community understands. “The message that I would like to send out to all the entrepreneurs all over the nation is that we in Saint Louis understand what it’s like, we are committed to helping you, so come to Saint Louis, you are among friends.” says Jim McKelvey, Co-founder of Square and Head of Arch Grants Advisory Board; our sentiments exactly.

Why entrepreneurs should entertain the idea of locating their startup companies in St. Louis:

•         Saint Louis experienced the #1 increase in percentage growth of college-educated young people among all U.S. cities with an 87% increase in 25 to 34-year-olds (CEOs for Cities, 2011).
•         Saint Louis is the fastest growing American city for technology jobs (Dice, 2013).
•         Missouri ranks as the Best State in the Country for Manufacturing and Logistics (Ball State University’s Bureau of Business Research, 2011).
•         Saint Louis ranks #13 among U.S. cities for Gen Y Workers (PayScale, 2012).
•         Saint Louis was identified by Mashable as a top place for tech hiring (2012).
•         Kiplinger identified Saint Louis as one of the top 10 cities to start a business (2011).