Arch Grants

Arch Grants Recipients are among the most innovative and scalable companies in the region.

An investment in an Arch Grants Company is not only an investment in the future of St. Louis, it may also provide a financial return.

The Arch Grants Global Startup Competition is one of the most competitive startup competitions in the world; Arch Grants Recipients are well vetted and have undergone extensive scrutiny and diligence.

Of the 96 Arch Grants Companies, 89 are still in operation.  84% of active companies remain in St. Louis. At the stage at which Arch Grants disburses grants, 84% is an outstanding number. We continue to work hard to keep your investments close to home.

Be sure to visit the Startups page to check out the Arch Grants Companies.  If you would like additional information on any of the Arch Grants Companies, or would like to have an introduction to an Arch Grants Recipient, please contact Ben Burke, Director of Entrepreneurship.

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