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equine smartbit logo

Equine SmartBit (ESB) engineered the first significant change in horse bits in 3,400 years by integrating sensors into new wireless bit designs. 

mike saigh - ceo & co-founder of equine smart-bit

The Arch Grants team is passionate about the family of entrepreneurs they have nurtured and launched throughout the decade. Our organization will be forever grateful for not just the monetary grant, but the trust, support and confidence they provided over the years.

mike saigh

CEO and Co-Founder

Equine SmartBit

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david woodburn - vice president of edison agrosciences

Arch Grants not only asks me how they can help, but then they deliver when I do ask. They were totally responsible for obtaining a letter of support for our phase II grant from a global company in which I had zero contacts or prospects.


Edison Agrosciences

zoe scharf - chief product officer of greetabl

Arch Grants has always had an attitude of ‘ask us and we will make it happen.’ We’ve leaned on them to share industry trends, introduce us to potential investors, and to champion our name in the region. We’re so thankful for the support.

Zoe Scharf

Chief Brand Officer & Co-Founder

Lighting the way for employer immigration initiatives

waylit company logo

WayLit, Inc. is a platform for employers to manage and track immigration initiatives for their foreign national employees.

raj sing - ceo & co-founder of waylit,

Because of Arch Grants, we’ve had the courage to work in a more challenging market with higher returns. Not only was the $50,000 grant helpful, but the credibility we received, as well as the introductions to potential clients, has helped us become successful faster than we predicted 

raj singh

CEO and Co-Founder

WayLit, Inc.

arch grants stats
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