2013 Portfolio Companies

Adarza BioSystems, Inc. is an early stage medical diagnostics company developing a rapid and label-free biological assay platform for measuring clinical and point-of-care (POC) samples. Founder Rand Henke is moving Adarza BioSystems from Rochester, NY.

adFreeq brings trust, quality, and revenue back to the classifieds of newspapers and online publishers. Their mission is that every publisher in the world will be able to introduce anyone who wants to sell anything to the best possible customer and help them complete their transaction as easily as possible.

Appcropolis is the go-to place for people to learn, discover, share and create HTML5 mobile applications. Conquering the mobile frontier is a must for designers, software developers and businesses. Now mobile applications do not have to be written in native code.

CandyBAR® is a technology toolset that sends people to locations and businesses using custom-branded, location-aware mobile applications. Utilizing cutting-edge beacon and GPS technology, the app immerses the users in your brand and deepens overall participation. The white-label application can enhance any ongoing effort or serve as a standalone platform.

Easytork manufactures quarter-turn pneumatic valve actuators and associated solenoid valves. At the heart of the design is the patented actuator body with an integral air reservoir, which eliminates the need for a spring and exponentially increases the efficiency and reliability of the actuator. Easytork is the recipient of the Emerson Arch Grant.

Code Red produces a computer science and entrepreneurial curriculum for first through twelfth graders. They help schools train students to compete for high-demand, high-paying jobs in the modern economy through computer science/coding training and entrepreneurial curriculum. Code Red is moving from O’Fallon, IL and is the recipient of the Education Reform Arch Grant sponsored by the Regional Business Council and John & Mary Kaye Fort Family Fund.

eateria is a digital loyalty-marketing tool. A whole new way for restaurant, food and hospitality businesses to connect with customers by utilizing email, social media and mobile marketing. eateria will be leaving their hometown in Chicago, IL and moving to St. Louis.

EternoGen is a medical Bio-Tech company with a focus on designing and manufacturing a novel collagen scaffold for soft tissue therapeutic applications. EternoGen conducts research and development using expertise in clinical market evaluation, material science, and biological engineering to execute its clinical development model. EternoGen is excited to move to St. Louis from Columbia, MO.

Genetix Fusion LLC is a biotechnology company providing superior, non-toxic transfection kits for pharmaceutical and academic researchers.

Immunophotonics is developing inCVAX, an innovative, practical, and safe therapeutic cancer vaccine that has shown very encouraging initial results in the treatment of metastatic cancer. Immunophotonics is relocating from Columbia, MO.

Juristat transforms raw court records into actionable analytics allowing you to optimize litigation and marketing strategies by uniting software engineering with litigation professionals.

Know Ink was founded by election officials focused on helping other election officials run successful elections while being fiscally responsible.

LipoSpectrum LLC was founded to provide enhanced, state-of-the-art lipid analysis human blood and tissue samples which allows an improved way to diagnose early and find cures for a wide range of serious diseases including diabetes and cancer.

MagBiosense is a biotechnology platform developed to commercialize a novel cardiac biomarker diagnostic technology that brings lab-quality, high-sensitivity detection to the point-of-care. The device will change how heart attacks are diagnosed in the Emergency Department by providing high-sensitivity detection of cardiac troponin I (cTnI). Washington University PostDoc and MagBiosense founder Amos Danielli is from Israel. MagBiosense is the recipient of the Peabody Arch Grant.

Notal Vision was founded by ophthalmologists looking to develop better methods of detecting age-related macular degeneration (AMD) that could allow doctors to treat patients at an earlier stage and possibly prevent loss of sight through a new technology called Preferential Hyperacuity Perimetry (PHP). Notal Vision’s U.S. office and distribution center is located in St. Louis, MO, with corporate headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.
US Drilling Products

U.S. Drilling Products is a manufacturer and distributor of a line of patented Directional Underground Boring Bits that drill through solid rock. Our bits bore a 6″ horizontal pathway for utility lines that save Utility Contractors and Construction Companies money, time and effort while being environmentally friendly.

From Hawaii to New York, 1.4 million college students have access to the RoverTown Student Discount Program. RoverTown helps over 2,000 local businesses effectively reach college students on their smartphones. Students show their phone to save money. Rover moved from Carbondale, IL.

Sparo Labs empowers patients to quantitatively and proactively manage their asthma using an award-winning, patent-pending, and pocket-sized spirometer.

TrackBill is a robust, yet simple platform keeping government affairs professionals informed of legislative activity in Congress and all 50 states. Designed for desktop and mobile, it features industry-leading tools to efficiently search, track and report on bills affecting your interests.

Triflare is a triathlon/athletic apparel company designed with every level of woman competitor in mind. Triflare provides women athletes on all skill levels with gear that is as beautiful but hard driving, daring but unrelenting, uncommon but competitive as they are.