Aegis Digital Health

Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2023 | Status: Active

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What is Aegis Digital Health?

Aegis’ first product, SweetSpot, addresses the problem of ineffective, inconsistent standard of care for diabetes patients. These patients visit the provider’s office at most 4x/year, when they are tested for glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), with little to no engagement between visits or insight into how their medications or lifestyle affect blood sugar on a daily basis. This leads to “clinical inertia” and poor clinical outcomes for the 34M Americans with diabetes. Underserved populations – rural, low socioeconomic status, and certain ethnic groups – are particularly hard hit. As few as 20% of diabetics achieve the target HbA1c level of <7%, and they incur $9,600 annually in excess health care expenses compared to the average, including 12M ER visits and hospitalizations every year, and an annual cost to the health care system of >$240B. Advances in technology – continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and insulin pumps and other delivery devices – provide significantly far more detailed data than HbA1c, and studies have shown this can lead to more effective and less expensive care. However, device complexity, difficult data retrieval, confusing reimbursement codes and lack of clinical resources often prevent the provider (the target customer) from effectively using these devices and the data available to improve patient care.

SweetSpot is a software platform and clinical support service that supports end-to-end remote patient monitoring for all diabetes devices. The service solves all the problems described above by: 1) managing device setup and patient onboarding, 2) automatically retrieving data from each device manufacturer’s portal, 3) analyzing and triaging the data, 4) providing a common dashboard that enables clinicians to quickly see which patients need attention without having to manually retrieve and sort through hundreds of pages of device data, 5) supporting clinician data review with recommendations for changes to patient management, 6) automatically capturing billable events and applying the appropriate reimbursement codes, 7) presenting claims-ready reports to the billing staff, and 8) integrating with the patient’s EHR. SweetSpot also offers clinical support for practices that do not have the internal resources to support this new workflow. By transitioning the standard of care from HbA1c to Time in Range (TIR – the percentage of time glucose levels are within prescribed boundaries), SweetSpot has the potential to reduce comorbidity risk by 40% and ER visits by 50%.

Company Leadership



Stephen Von Rump, MS, is a 5-time CEO and 3-time founder with 3 exits. He has extensive healthcare sales and operational experience, and has developed, launched and managed a dozen products in the healthcare technology space.

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Ralph Oiknine, MD, is an endocrinologist with over 20 years of clinical experience, and is nationally known among diabetes clinicians and industry leaders. He is the inventor of the SweetSpot concept, born out of years of frustration with the existing standard of care for diabetes patients.

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Co-founder & chief product officer

Amiad Fredman, MD, is nationally known digital health thought leader with experience driving product development. His focus is on maximizing user engagement, and he brings both clinical and design expertise to the task.

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abby cohen

Co-founder & CoO

Abby Cohen, BME, was the founder and CEO of Sparo, which had an exit in 2022. She has extensive product development and operations experience, FDA regulatory and quality experience, early partner development and revenue generation experience.

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Kay Bouschat is a seasoned project management professional with a substantial 30-year track record that spans academia, startups, and pharmaceutical companies. She has demonstrated a robust ability to secure funding for research and development through diverse channels including NIH grants, venture capital, pharmaceutical partnerships, and strategic alliances. Specializing in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostic translational medicine, Kay has been pivotal in recruiting and fostering the adoption of new medical practices among Key Opinion Leaders. Her strategic insight into in-licensing and alliance structures has proven invaluable for therapeutics and technology transfer, underscoring her role as a dynamic force in the advancement of medical innovation and enterprise.

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