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What is Amptify?

Amptify develops products for individuals with hearing loss that improve their ability to communicate along with their social, psychological and physical sense of well-being.

Amptify’s flagship product is an evidence-based digital therapeutic for hearing loss that uses a proprietary digital toolkit to provide ongoing and personalized hearing rehabilitation from our world-class hearing healthcare specialists. Amptify’s digital toolkit includes includes auditory training video games, an interactive daily curriculum, an online hearing health coach, and a managed peer support community and in some applications, high-quality hearing aids.

Company Leadership

Nancy Tye-Murray

CEO & Founder

Dr. Tye-Murray is a Professor of Audiology at Washington University in St. Louis and the founder of Amptify.

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Brent Spehar

Dr. Spehar is an audiologist and research scientist at Washington University in St. Louis and the co-founder of Aptify.

Chris Cardinal

President & CoO

Chris Cardinal is an entrepreneurial-minded executive with a successful history of driving corporate strategy through effective product and process management. Mr. Cardinal is the President and COO of Amptify, is a Member of the Consumer Technology Association’s Digital Therapeutic working group, is a Mentor at Sling Health and at ITEN. Formerly, Mr. Cardinal served as the SVP of Product at SensorRX and was Co-Founder and CEO of the digital health company Welltodo which was successfully acquired in Q3 of 2018. Prior, he also served as an EIR at the Regnier Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and as Managing Partner of the strategic management and business planning firm Huddle Strategic.

Tad Zelski

Mr. Zelski was formerly the Director of Professional Development at Widex Hearing Aid Manufacturing, in which capacity he helped audiological practices develop service delivery models.

Steven Tye

Mr. Tye is a former investment banker and has created several web-based services and businesses that promote good health. Mr. Tye serves as Ampitfy’s Director of Finance.

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