Origin: Uruguay | Grant Awarded: 2019 | Status: Active

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What is Customily?

Customily is a SaaS that helps eCommerces maximize their personalized product sales while reducing their production costs and time. Our software provides online stores with tools so they can give their customers live previews of their personalization, increasing sales by reducing customers uncertainty and returns. It then translates that personalization into ready to print files, reducing fulfillment times and costs.

Company Leadership

Alejandro Lozdziejski


Alejandro is a Software Engineer and a 2-time founder, from Uruguay, with more than 15 years of experience designing and implementing information technology projects. He’s a pioneer when it comes to personalization and 3D printing, and has been recognized for his works in the field as an MIT innovator under 35. His road in entrepreneurship started in 2013, and Customily is his second profitable startup.

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Martina Möring


Martina is an Architect and Designer from Uruguay. She is a 2-time founder, with years of experience in product and graphic design. She has led and worked with teams in projects as challenging as building a stadium, and as detailed as launching a jewelry line. She’s been an entrepreneur since 2015 and Customily is her second profitable startup.

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