Grab My Bag

Origin: GA | Grant Awarded: 2022 | Status: Active

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What is Grab My Bag?

Grab My Bag is a luggage delivery service from airport baggage claim to the traveler’s requested location. The press has been calling them the “Uber or Lyft for luggage.” Here’s how it works: Travelers book a “GRAB” through their website by entering a few details about their trip. Then Grab My Bag tracks their flight, & dispatches a “GRAB-ber” to grab, secure, and deliver their checked bags to them when they land, so that they can immediately exit the airport after deplaning.

Company Leadership

Emory Reignz

founder & cEO

Emory Reignz is a professional SAG-Aftra Actress and former professional cheerleader (aka Ice Crew Girl) for the L.A. Kings. She is an entrepreneur who holds her MBA in Accounting & Finance, and has over 17 years of experience in Finance & Operations. Her work with the Tuskegee Airmen as their National Spokesperson piqued her interest in aviation interest. She is a member of Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC), and a certified MBE, DBE, ACDBE, WOSB, and EDWOSB.

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