Origin: IL | Grant Awarded: 2022 | Status: Active

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What is HIVE?

HIVE is a remote patient monitoring company devoted to improving medication adherence and reducing unplanned readmissions for the 3 million patients on home infusion therapies. These patients self-administer long-term IV medication under the remote supervision of their clinician. The problem is that clinicians don’t have good options for monitoring their patients to make sure they take their medication safely and correctly. For example, of the 3 million patients prescribed at-home IV antibiotics, 20% are readmitted, and each readmission costs $80,000. Clinicians currently call every patient, a process that is time-consuming, subjective, and ineffective. HIVE has developed the only device to solve this problem. Our patent-pending IVsight smart catheter leverages a simple mechanoelectrical sensor that wirelessly reports objective medication administration data in real-time, so clinicians can make informed treatment decisions to prevent costly and dangerous readmissions

Company Leadership

Joe Beggs


Joe Beggs is a St. Louis-based entrepreneur with expertise in the development and commercialization of medical devices and regenerative medical products. While a biomedical engineering student at Washington University, Joe founded two medical device companies, HIVE and GenAssist, gave a TED Talk on the science of business, and completed internships in venture capital, neuroengineering innovation, and laboratory research. Joe has been named a Top Innovator under 25 by the St. Louis Business Journal, won the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award from WashU, and raised over $600,000 for both HIVE and GenAssist.

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Glen Kleinschmidt


Glen is a Dual-Degree Engineering graduate who holds a BS in Biophysics from Elon University, and both a BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering from Wash U. ​He has extensive prototyping and product design experience and has worked with a variety of medical device companies and their products. Glen leads product development and project management at HIVE, collaborating with people across many disciplines to ensure HIVE not only meets its milestones, but actively creates oportunity for growth.

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Sai Dodda


Sai Dodda is a PharmD graduate from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP) and he received a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from STLCOP. Sai has clinical experience with home infusion therapy patients as well as knowledge of drugs and therapeutics. Sai also has publications in infectious disease centered on health outcomes and market research. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy with a concentration in Applied Pharmacoeconomics. At HIVE, Sai works on planning, implementing, and maintaining business operations and clinical development activities.

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Jake Eshelman

computer engineer

Jake is a Dual-Degree graduate with a BS in biochemistry and biomedical engineering from WashU. His focus is on bringing innovation into the med-tech field through software and hardware solutions. Jake took a leave of absence from a MS of computer engineering program at WashU to join HIVE as a full time embedded software engineer and tech lead. Since joining he has lead development of HIVE’s technology platform in conjunction with key contractors in preparation for an upcoming clinical trial at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

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