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Grant Awarded: 2023 | Status: Active

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What is Honeydew?

Honeydew is a virtual dermatology platform integrating healthcare services and wellness for people suffering from chronic skin conditions like acne, atopic dermatitis, plaque psoriasis, and others. We connect patients with licensed specialists in 24 hours instead of 4 months, help them access FDA-approved treatments from home with ongoing support 7 days a week, and provide insights on lifestyle triggers like diet, menstruation, and stress. We also help patients navigate insurance coverage for treatments or find the lowest cash-price options. Ultimately, we are building a gold mine of structured data which we hope will enhance drug development, phase IV research, and precision medicine.

Honeydew was founded by David Futoran (Wharton) and his dermatology Dr. Joel Spitz (Princeton, Columbia), after years of struggling with the healthcare system firsthand through personal experiences as patient and provider.

Honeydew is backed by top tier angels like Jeff Nadler (Teladoc), Dan Reich (Tula Skincare, DIBS Beauty), Cory Levy, and Adam Guild, as well as Browder Capital and V1.VC.

Company Leadership


Co-Founder & CEO

David grew up in a family of immigrant physicians and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Healthcare Management and Biology. As a student, David led Wharton’s Healthcare Club and wrote a masters course on health economics for Penn Medicine. Prior to starting Honeydew, David led product and growth at a digital health startup with $20M in funding. David started Honeydew with the dermatologist that cleared his skin after personally struggling with a chronic skin condition for 6 years.

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Joel Spitz, MD is a Princeton/Columbia trained Board-certified dermatologist with over 25 years of practice. Joel is the author of Genodermatoses, a textbook taught in every dermatology residency across the country. He also serves as the dermatologist for the US Open and the NY Islanders. Joel is also a Medical Advisor for Brothers for Life, an organization he helped start to heal wounded soldiers in Israel. Joel has been a leading advocate for telemedicine since as far back as 2009.

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