Origin: IA | Grant Awarded: 2021 | Status: Active

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What is InfraLytiks?

InfraLytiks has the main goal of “Making Data Meaningful”. We specialize in data analytics, Machine Learning and development of custom software & automation platforms for productization. We also own and operate a suite of geospatial and Artificial Intelligence products including Verified Data Analytics, Automated Inspections, InfraVIEU, InfraDrone & LiDAR NOW.

Company Leadership

Akash Vidyadharan

Chief Technology Officer

Akash Vidyadharan leads full stack project and product development at InfraLytiks for 5+ years. He holds a BS & MS in Aerospace Engineering and a M.Eng in Systems Engineering from Iowa State University.

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Kevin Prendergast


Kevin Prendergast is the President of InfraLytiks and leads business development, sales and marketing. He also has 35+ years experience in leading insurance, software and healthcare companies as President and CMO roles.

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Tyler Carter

Chief Operations Officer

Tyler Carter leads operations and administration at InfraLytiks and has 5+ years of experience in business development, administration and company operations. He holds a BS Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from Iowa State University.

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