Intramotev Autonomous Rail

Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2021 | Status: Active

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What is intramotev Autonomous Rail?

Each year in the US alone, over $690B in goods are moved via a fleet of 1.6 million railcars. On any given day, though, 900,000 of these railcars won’t move. A loaded railcar sits idle for 24.6 hours on each leg of its journey, just waiting to be picked up by a diesel locomotive. For locomotives to move these railcars, it requires 3.5 billion gallons of diesel annually – that’s over 37 million metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere. Intramotev is building a future where no railcars sit idle, and not a gallon of diesel is consumed to move them. By putting motive power directly into the railcar instead of relying on locomotives, we enable freight to move itself from point-to-point independently and without fossil fuels.

Company Leadership

Timothy Luchini, Ph.D


PhD Mechanical Engineer with experience leading teams of up to 40 engineers to scale early-stage technologies in the aerospace industry.

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Alex Peiffer


Business development and strategy expert with an MBA from University of Southern California, USAF logistics veteran.

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Corey Vasel


Expert in battery and motor technologies with experience developing early stage technologies in the aerospace industry.

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