King of the Curve

Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2023 | Status: Active

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What is King of the Curve?

King of the Curve is revolutionizing the journey from high school to physician by offering a comprehensive platform tailored for aspiring medical professionals. Our unique blend of high-quality test prep, personalized mentorship, and cutting-edge predictive analytics ensures students are not only prepared for medical entrance exams but also receive insights into top-tier medical school admissions. While our core expertise is in medical education, the adaptability of our platform means we’re poised to expand our transformative approach to other academic domains in the future.

Company Leadership



Heath Rutledge-Jukes is currently a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis, co-founder of ed-tech company King of the Curve, and a TEDx speaker. Faced with a challenging childhood, Heath managed to climb out and attend college, where he was a pre-medical student who studied psychology with a focus on pedagogical design. His hard work yielded him a 522 on the MCAT (99th %-tile), as well as numerous publications in venues such as The Journal of Arthroplasty and the Global Health Catalyst Summit.

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William KELLY


William triple-majored in Accounting, Economics & Finance, and Business Administration and recently graduated from Cornell University with a Master’s degree in Accounting. He is excited to have have helped so many premedical students through the King of the Curve app.

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