Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2020 | Status: Active

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What is Kwema?

Each workday, 7,000 U.S. employees experience an emergency at work and unfortunately some of them result in a death. The time it takes for them to notify they are in danger and for them to get the right help is the biggest factor in these life threatening situations. Kwema bridges this gap and saves lives. Kwema mitigates the safety risks that employees face by providing no behavior change wearables that effectively addresses with three main use cases: 1.Quick notification to the right emergency personnel in life-threatening situations buying time. 2.Seamless Contact Tracing at the workplace respecting GDPR & HIPAA Laws to mitigate Covid-19 Spread. 3.Easily track employee location and automate Safe Zone Roll Call during Mass Evacuations at facilities. Kwema’s technology is designed to avoid adoption hurdles and training costs by being placed in something employees already wear. For example, Kwema’s Patent Pending smart employee badge holder.

Company Leadership

Ali Al-jabry


Ali Al-Jabry is Kwemas CEO. He co-founded an Ed Tech Startup that has grown to 5 countries in 3 years and has been building teams for the last decade. Ali speaks 5 languages and has experience in Business Development/Relationship Building/Project Management/Operations and manufacturing. Ali’s biggest asset is his capacity to delegate and build in people.

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joel ibaceta


Joel Ibaceta is Kwemas CTO, he has won Facebook Developer Challenges twice consecutively against over 5000 developers competing. Joel has co-founded a startup in the past and worked for Latin American Unicorn Mercado Libre as a Tech Leader. His full stack capabilities and experience allows him to undertake any software related needs Kwema has.

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