Pana Mina

Origin: Jaipur, India |

Grant Awarded: 2023 | Status: Active

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What is Pana Mina?

“”We Make Clothing Personal”
Pana Mina is a made-to-order clothing startup at the intersection of sustainability and size-inclusivity. Pana Mina uses natural, eco-friendly fabrics to make custom-sized garments, encouraging customers to embrace their individuality and use their unique body measurements, rather than restrictive standard sizes, to purchase clothing online.

Company Leadership



Eleanore was first exposed to the fashion industry when she modeled for St. Louis Fashion Week as a teenager. She later graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Marketing degree, and then worked for a marketing agency in Minneapolis serving apparel brands like Calvin Klein and Lane Bryant. In 2019, Eleanore traveled through India and met her partner and fellow Co-Founder, Jay. She then spent 3 years living in Jay’s vibrant hometown: Jaipur, India. Eleanore’s apparel marketing expertise and international experience prepared her to co-found Pana Mina, and bring sustainable, size-inclusive clothing to a global audience.

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dhananjay sharma


Dhananjay grew up in Jaipur, India, an international hub for apparel production. His local connections, combined with his efficient and detail-oriented work style, allow him to vet production facilities, evaluate fabric options, and ensure products meet the highest quality standards.

Dhananjay’s motto, “Sab Kuch Milega” – meaning “Everything is Possible” in Hindi – reflects his can-do attitude and optimism that any manufacturing or logistics challenge can be solved through the right local partners and processes. He helps Pana Mina navigate the complexities of apparel production in India, and realize the vision of sustainable clothing for all.

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