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What is PlaBook?

PlaBook is a cutting-edge reading technology created by a world class team of educational experts that utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and speech recognition to help children learn to read more effectively. PlaBook has an AI chatbot named RUBII, the first Digital Reading Voice Assistant to teach children how to read. RUBII also provides insights using smart dashboards for teachers, parents, and students. PlaBook also has a speech recognition assessment tool “RUBII Assess”, which uses machine learning and is developing a diverse children’s voice data set that saves educators over 130 hours of time assessing, tracking and analyzing reading levels for students each year. RUBII has the first Digital Running Records that can accurately identify children’s speech down to their Phonics, Phonemes, and Graphemes. PlaBook also has the first Augmented Reality Math App on iOS and Android geared towards creating a real time immersive learning environment with a purpose. RUBII math uses gamification that is aligned to the standards and produces sharable results to the teachers, students, and parents.

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Company Leadership

Dr. Philip Hickman


As the Founder & CEO of PlaBook, an innovative reading technology that uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing and speech recognition to help children learn to read. Dr. Hickman’s innovative leadership, personalized learning and emotional IQ methods are exemplified in his three books: Stop Dribbling Footballs, Execution By Firing Squad: Effective Leadership When You’re The Target, and eMOTIVES: The Truth Behind Student Behavior. Also, as a serial social entrepreneur, Dr Hickman’s most notable accomplishment is being the co-founder of a multimillion dollar non profit coding academy WeCodeKC. A K-12 coding program and adult workforce ready platform resulting in a 100% job placement rate after successful completion of the Coding Program. Dr. Hickman graduated with honors obtaining 5 graduate degrees and a Doctorate.

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Tammy Buckner


Tammy is a self-taught software developer, served as a Technical Director and Lead Business Systems Analyst, collaborating with C-Level and multi-disciplinary teams to turn business requirements into high-fidelity wireframes and story-boards. She developed and facilitated the BSA Center of excellence program to train BSAs on leadership training and professional development courses. Being apart of women programming organizations, and active in the Startup Community, Tammy works at bridging the diversity divide in technology. Connecting with educators, business owners, schools and community centers to provide conferences, community tech events, and facilitate workshops.

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