Roo Storage

Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2019 | Status: Exited

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What is Roo Storage?

Roo optimizes the storage experience by connecting people in the local community with extra space to people seeking a more affordable storage solution. Our platform (comprised of hosts and renters) offers a level of flexibility, availability, and affordability that storage facilities simply cannot by utilizing already existent space. For renters, we offer a more affordable, flexible, and secure solution; often, savings reach 50% as rates are prorated daily instead of monthly. For hosts with underutilized space, we grant an opportunity for truly passive income with little input. 80% of all revenue goes directly back to the people of the community. Our brand reflects an obsession with the user experience and seeks to remove the stress of finding and utilizing storage; instead, we create experiences worth sharing.

Company Leadership

Eric Laurent

Executive Director

Former Mizzou Football walk-on turned scholarship athlete. Has a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from MU. He has learned an early lesson of what it means to grind. During his experience at Mizzou, he had to balance a heavy academic load for his engineering degree while also playing football and earning a place on the field. He’s a problem solver and creative thinker. His strengths consist of futuristic, competition, ideation, and relator, and he oversees all business operations and marketing.

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Jake Hurrell

Director of Sales

Former Mizzou Football walk-on turned starter with a brief stint at the Baltimore Ravens Rookie Camp. Jake possesses a degree in business management and an MBA from MU. With zero division-1 offers out of high school, Jake learned early on in his athletic career what “grit” truly entails. He’s transferred the same grit that allowed him to become a 4-year starter at Mizzou to the growth of Roo. Jake has spearheaded business development from the beginning. In the early days, it was knocking on doors for hours in Columbia neighborhoods pitching Roo to potential hosts. With Roo’s growth, Jake has transitioned what he learned from going door-to-door to effectively pitching Roo’s vision to strategic partners, philanthropic initiatives and investors. His top three strengths are belief, includer and positivity.

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Kristen Rivers

Director of Operations

Retired Mizzou Soccer goalkeeper and team captain who led her defense to become one of the best defensive lines statistically in the history of the program during her Junior year. She obtained a degree in business management with an HR certificate as well as an MBA from MU in 5 years. Kristen’s background in leadership and attention to detail transfers to her current responsibilities for enhancing the customer experience for our users and aligning our company structure for success. Her top five strengths include achievement, responsibility, focus, futuristic, and communication.

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Joe McAllister


Cornell University computer science major and captain of the men’s tennis team. Joe is a highly competitive and motivated person with significant experience developing web applications. He has worked at both Microsoft and World Wide Technology, and oversees everything tech when it comes to Roo.

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Pravin Sivabalan


He is a computer science student at Purdue University, and he has had experience building technology products for 5+ years. This includes experience in working at larger companies like Salesforce and World Wide Technology, as well as small-scale consulting. Through these experiences, he has learned how to build reliable and scalable products quickly. At Roo, this translates to his ability to not only help code and build the application but also keep Roo’s product focused and on track.

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