Seed Matriz

Origin: Rio Cuarto, Argentina |

Grant Awarded: 2023 | Status: Active

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What is Seed Matriz?

Seed Matriz is an agtech startup born in Argentina, looking to solve the main problems farmers and seed companies are facing and boost the plant by plant agronomy. The encapsulation technology developed improve shape and size of seeds, having the possibility to add biostimulants and other products to improve the first stages of the crops growth, enhancing final yields while reducing the agronomic inputs.
The encapsulation also allow seeds to be detected underground during planting process, having in real time the depth and distance of seeds with furrow closed. This information is necessary to have complete control of the planting process and also as an information layer for digital agriculture.
Another feature we are developing is to enhance the natural signs that plants show when they are suffering any kind of stress. With this will be possible to detect plant by plant, with hyperspectral cameras on drones or satellites, the health status of the crop, having early and accurate information. Having this information will be possible to solve any issue using less products and minimizing applications.

Company Leadership



Federico Cola is an Agricultural Engineer, farmer, founder and Director of several companies in the field of bioethanol, biogas, clean energy and others. Former rally motorcycle racer, he participated in the Dakar competition. Federico never give up, he always find the way to solve any obstacle or make a success from any project. A great team builder, inspiring and empowering others to get involved in challenging goals. The word entrepreneur describes him perfectly.

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Co-founder & DIRECTOR

Juan is a veterinarian and runs a beef company. He is also a partner in other startups and a Board Director for some companies.


Co-Founder & MANAGER


Co-founder & COO