Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2019 | Status: Active

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What is V15ABLE?

V15Able is an online career development platform for people with disabilities and for any employer looking to hire talented, capable candidates. Disabled candidates will finally be empowered to prove their potential to employers through our specialized portfolios designed with cutting edge user experience techniques. Employers will finally have access to the presently untapped potential of the disabled workforce. By simply making disabled candidates “v15able” to employers, In addition to all the support and educational materials V15Able provides for people with disabilities, they will have each other in creating a community. Together their connections, endorsements and recommendations can build confidence and provide much needed support. Additionally, we will be providing employers with curated resources to encourage hiring PWDs, such as tax incentives for hiring disabled workers or educational resources on how to create inclusive workspaces, how to explore alternative work models, and more.

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Company Leadership

Letisha Wexstten

Founder and CEO

I was born without arms and learned how to do everything with my feet. Determined to be independent I focused all my efforts on getting my education, however even with a bachelors degree I still find it difficult to interview for open positions. It was my disability that employers were concerned about and not my capabilities. So I decided to show the world how capable i can be. By starting my YouTube channel tisha Unarmed I began to share with the world that my disability does not define me.

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