Module Building Systems

Origin: Kelowna, BC | Grant Awarded: 2023 | Status: Active

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What is Module Building Systems?

Module Building Systems (MBS) is at the forefront of the construction evolution, harnessing innovative post-tensioning connection technology to reshape the way buildings are constructed. Our model revolves around a meticulously manufactured, cost-effective, and expedited installation process, much like an IKEA approach, but for buildings. Targeting sectors from high-density multi-residential and single-family homes to commercial and temporary structures, MBS aims to provide pivotal solutions to North America’s pressing housing challenges. This includes addressing affordability issues, homelessness, and disaster relief efforts. Our manufacturing-centric methodology, paired with the advantage of ready-to-assemble transportable buildings, enables the swift and efficient development of affordable, sustainable communities. Moreover, our collaborative endeavors span partnerships with industry frontrunners, educational entities, non-profits, and governmental bodies, ensuring impactful solutions to the housing crisis.

Company Leadership


Founder & CEO

Mark Turnbull is the Founder and driving force behind MBS and has expertly assembled a dynamic executive team, board of advisors, and industry partners. With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt, Mark’s diverse background spans real estate investment, construction, land development, property management, business development, and leadership roles as a marketing and creative director.

A dedicated humanitarian, Mark’s compassionate nature is at the heart of MBS’s mission. He has devoted time to volunteering at local homeless shelters, making multiple trips to Haiti to help build schools, homes, and orphanages. His vision and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact shape the way MBS operates and grows.

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