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Accelerate Wind

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  • Origin: The Netherlands
  • Grant awarded in: 2016

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What is Accelerate Wind?

Accelerate Wind creates a novel rooftop wind energy solution- one that operates quieter, cheaper, and more aesthetically pleasing than today's solutions.

Company Leadership

Erika Boeing

Erika Boeing is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Accelerate Wind, a 2016 Arch Grants Recipient.

Erika has worked previously as a Systems Engineer at DRS Technologies, studied the interrelations between technology, society, and sustainability as a Fulbright Scholar in the Netherlands, and worked as a Research Fellow at Project Drawdown. She holds an M.A in European Studies on Society, Science, and Technology, and a B.S. In Mechanical Engineering.

Kathy Mulders-Vredeveldt

Kathy Mulders-Vredeveldt is the Co-Founder and Head of Business Operations of Accelerate Wind, a 2016 Arch Grants Recipient.

Kathy has been a co-founder of two successful companies in the gaming and health technology industries, as well as director of the Launch Incubator in Maastricht, Netherlands. She is particularly passionate about starting companies which have both aspects of profit and social good. She holds an M.S. in Health Food Innovation and Management, and is currently completing her Executive MBA.

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