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  • Origin: California
  • Grant awarded in: 2015

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Executive Summary

What is AGGIE MD?

AGGIE MD makes medicine manageable by bringing hospital solutions into the home.

Company Leadership

Agnes Scoville

Agnes Scoville is the Founder/CEO of AGGIE MD, a 2015 Arch Grants recipient.

Agnes earned her degree in Applied Math and Physics from Virginia Commonwealth University, and holds a M.D. from Brown University. Agnes brings experience working as a doctor for the U.S. Navy, and with her own practice, Agnes Stacia MD Inc.

Anson Scoville

Anson Scoville is the Partner of AGGIE MD, a 2015 Arch Grants recipient.

Anson earned his undergraduate degree from New York University, and holds a Masters in Accounting from California State University-Los Angeles. Anson currently serves as the CFO of Wallis Companies, and was previously the CFO/COOO at BAMKO, Inc.

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