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  • Origin: CT
  • Grant awarded in: 2015

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What is Babyation?

Making better products for parents, starting with an innovative breast pump.

Company Leadership

Samantha Rudolph

Samantha Rudolph is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Babyation, a 2015 Arch Grants Recipient.

Samantha excels at designing innovative strategies for startups, nascent businesses and cutting-edge product launches. Sam spent nine years as a serial entrepreneur within ESPN, where she founded the pre-game area of ESPN’s Stats & Analysis team, the group responsible for live scores and stats across platforms. She ran lines of business for emerging television technologies. She also produced ESPN’s creative staging for three days of live television from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show, focusing on the company’s big picture and brand. Sam graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where she received dual concentrations in Operations and Information Management (Decision Processes) and Management (Strategic Focus). She specializes in project management and budgetary oversight, as well as strategic/creative thinking. Since 2013, Sam has operated a consulting company that advises startups, private equity firms and management consulting companies.

Jared Miller

Jared Miller is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology & Operations Officer of Babyation, a 2015 Arch Grants Recipient.

Jared is an expert in the implementation of emerging technologies. With a background in system integration, IT engineering, and software development, his skillset encompasses all phases of high-tech project implementation, from proposal development through conceptual and detailed design, to project management and execution. He has also been responsible for implementing quality systems and change-management practices at multiple organizations. Jared is adept at building anything electronic or involving computers. He has developed the circuitry, microcontroller firmware and related software behind Babyation’s pump. Jared received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Computer and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He has owned a software and technology consulting firm since 2007. His client list includes the Olympics Host Broadcaster, and he has participated in the broadcast of the last seven summer and winter Olympic Games.

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