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Key2enable Assistive Technology

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  • Origin: FL
  • Grant awarded in: 2019

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What is Key2enable Assistive Technology?

There are over 200 million people with severe motor disabilities who cannot communicate or use a computer at school or work in the contemporary world. Severe motor disabilities lead to a lack of opportunities, contributing to less development of their skills, poverty, and discrimination. However, Key2Enable now has a solution with Key-X, a multifunctional keyboard that enables anyone with severe motor or intellectual disabilities to fully access computers, tablets, and smartphones. With Key-X, anyone can learn, write, search the NET, play games, and do everything we do on a regular keyboard.

Company Leadership

William de Oliveira

William is originally from Brazil, graduated in Journalism and Marketing, and Entrepreneur working with technology connected to Social and Education areas for many years

José Rubinger filho

Mission-driven serial entrepreneur. I have been working for several years in sustainable businesses that benefit the social, education and health sectors.

Alexandre Assis

Systems Analyst, Business Management & Marketing Degree, Solution Designer, Portfolio Company of Singularity University, COO & Co-founder at Key2Enable, Innovation & Business Development at Actcon

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