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  • Origin: Missouri
  • Grant awarded in: 2013

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What is KNOWiNK?

KNOWiNK was founded by election officials focused on helping other election officials run successful elections while being fiscally responsible. Their first product, the Poll Pad, uses innovative technology to better equip Poll Workers, simplify voter check-in, and provide instant updates to voter history.

Company Leadership

Scott Leiendecker

Scott Leiendecker is the Founder of KNOWiNK, a 2013 Arch Grants recipient.

Scott earned his degree from University of Missouri-Saint Louis. Before joining KNOWiNK, Scott worked as the election director for the St. Louis City Board of Elections and and is the creator of Poll Pad.

Kevin Schott

Kevin Schott is the CFO of KNOWiNK, a 2013 Arch Grants recipient.

Kevin earned his degree in Accounting from Washington University in St. Louis in 1998. Kevin also currently serves as the Director at Kevin Schott CFO Advisors, and brings experience working with Mycroft Inc to his position with KNOWiNK.

David Greenwalt

David Greenwalt is in charge of training and technical support at KNOWiNK, a 2013 Arch Grants recipient.

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