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  • Grant awarded in: 2019

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What is PenPath?

PenPath is reinventing how marketers make data-driven decisions. It first allows marketers to connect to all their marketing, sales, and user platforms. Next, PenPath stores, cleans and models that data before visualizing it in a single source of truth dashboard. PenPath’s solution eliminates outdated manual reporting processes and provides real-time actionable insights that were previously difficult to access.

PenPath’s customers are able to discover opportunities to minimize wasteful spending and maximize revenue. Enhancing data with its proprietary Prediction and Attribution models gives PenPath an advantage to competitors in the market.

Company Leadership

Alex Cruz

Alex is passionate about the intersection of marketing and data visualization. With over 9 years of industry experience, Alex has worked with businesses of all sizes from growing startups to agencies and Fortune 500 companies. His background gives him a unique perspective in the dynamic and fast-changing worlds of digital marketing, marketing analytics, attribution modeling, and data visualization.

Brandon Thomson

Brandon is PenPath’s Head of Product. He is specialized in business intelligence as it relates to marketing, user and sales data. With over 5 years of leadership experience, Brandon has worked at leading agencies such as Richter7 and global PR firm, Edelman Intelligence. Brandon received his degree in business intelligence.

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