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Our Previous Recipients in Alphabetical Order by Grant Year.

Balto Software, Inc

Business to Business Products • Enterprise Software

Balto understands phone conversations and alerts reps with the best things to say, live on the call.

Big Heart Tea

Food & Beverage • Supply Chain

Big Heart Tea is creating a B2B marketplace for traceable, direct-trade, high quality herbs.

Clever Real Estate

Real Estate • Tech

Clever Real Estate connects homeowners with top local agents who help them list and sell their homes

Digital Medical Arts

Digital Medical Arts is a healthcare IT company providing tools for informed medical care.

Equine Smartbit

Hardware • Tech

ESB engineers cutting-edge photodiode and sensor technology to equip horse bits for sport & science.


Education • Leadership Development

Forefront is a corporate education company supporting the Fortune 500 and emerging tech firms.

Generation Mindful

Consumer Products • Education • Education Technology

Generation Mindful creates educational tools and toys that make learning about emotions fun.


Marketing • Social Enterprise

GiftAMeal provides a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a photo at a partner restaurant.

Good Life Growing

Agricultural Technology • Social Enterprise

Good Life Growing is a Social Enterprise focused on combating Urban Decay and Food Insecurity.

HiHo Mobility

Fleet Management • Software

On-demand logistics and work fleets. On-demand tools, supplies and rides.


GovTech • SAAS

Software that fully automates the calculation of tax credit and incentive benefits.

IoT Smart Home

WIFIPLUG is the only smart plug in the World to pay for itself, protected by 2 US patents.


Hardware • Pet Health & Wellness • Software

Obe is a Pet Health and Wellness Platform that creates smart products and services for Pet Parents.


Enterprise Software • SAAS

A customer collaboration platform that transforms the way software teams research their users.

Podcast Press

AdTech • Media Technology • Media/Entertainment

A cloud Audio & Voice Marketplace platform enabling brands and agencies to get audio content.


Enterprise Software • Hardware

Qstodian provides a fully-integrated restroom monitoring solution for facilities.


Financial Services • FinTech

SpenDebt is improving financial health of consumers by applying micropayments from everyday transact


B2B • FinTech

A platform enabling merchants to find the most cost effective credit card processing solution.

T-var EdTech

EdTech • Education

T-var EdTech designs and sells devices that teach kids how to read.


AI • CleanTech

ThermoAI uses AI and IoT tech to optimize combustion, saving millions in fuel and reducing emissions

Agrela Ecosystems

Agricultural Technology • AgTech • Hardware Technology

PheNode, by Agrela Ecosystems, is a "smart" field crop sensor platform for agricultural applications

Allison Mitchell

Fashion • Manufacturing

ALLISON MITCHELL is an emerging fashion brand producing unique accessories for women and men.


Business to Business Products • Cyber Security • Information Technology

We help you manage access to your company apps and give you meaningful insights over data flow.


Education Technology • Healthcare

clEAR provides auditory brain training to people who have hearing loss via web-based computer games

Corvus Robotics

Business to Business Products • Information Technology

We help warehouses and distribution centers improve their inventory processes with aerial robots.


Fashion • Manufacturing

A brand manufacturing made to order clothing in St. Louis, selling direct to customers online.

Drug Design Methodologies

Bio-Technology • Healthcare • Pharmaceutical

DDM accelerates pharmaceutical pipelines with novel software to optimize drug-target binding.

Lean Media

AgTech • Business to Business Services

We help agribusinesses reach target audiences online with greater precision, frequency & control.


Business to Business Services • Fashion

MakersValley is an online platform connecting designers directly with Italian apparel manufacturers.


Consumer Products • Social Media

Met Know software "gamifies" the process of learning names.

MyStrength Book

Fitness and Sport Technology • Healthcare • Mobile • SAAS

MyStrengthBook is a web-based platform that optimizes athletes' performance in the gym.

Outdoor Metrix

Consumer Products • Consumer Services • Fishing • Hunting • Mobile • Wildlife Management

We are a hunt performance and trail camera management application for hunters and wildlife managers.

Rozzy Learning Company

Education • Education Technology

Rozzy is the first company to create career readiness software for elementary school kids.


Medical Device

SentiAR is a digital health company developing a holographic platform for interventional procedures.


Business to Business Services • Enterprise Software

Strayos is a 3D computer platform for Mining operations providing accurate drone data analytics.

Sunstation USA

Business to Business Products • Healthcare

Sunstation USA is your #1 resource for community sunscreen dispensers!


Bio-Technology • Life Sciences

We develop pneumococcal conjugate vaccines using its proprietary bioconjugation technology.


Education Technology

ViTAL’s software makes digital learning content accessible to blind and visually impaired students.

Accelerate Wind

Architecture / Engineering / Construction • CleanTech

A novel rooftop wind energy solution.

Exit 7C

B2B • B2C • Mobile

The Digital Fuel Card.


B2B • EdTech

An effortless attendance technology that verifies a user’s presence within the rooms of a building.


Enterprise Software • Information Technology

An enterprise cloud platform that turns any device into a live Smartboard.


Healthcare • Medical Device

Developing a non-invasive screening tool for colorectal cancer by evaluating stool samples.

Helper Helper

EdTech • Mobile

Simplest way to track and coordinate service hours.


Healthcare • Information Technology

Helps health systems share and optimize medical equipment utilization within their network.

Janus Choice

Healthcare • Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence for Care Coordination.

Longneck & Thunderfoot

B2B • Social Media

We provide editorial news teams to transform company blogs into influential marketing channels.


Manufacturing • Tech

Magnatone makes high-end vintage style guitar amplifiers in St. Louis and sells them worldwide.


Manufacturing • Tech

Exclusive nanotechnology that revolutionizes the rocket propellant and energy industries.

OfCourse Scheduling

EdTech • Information Technology

The OfCourse Scheduler is a proven scheduling solution for higher ed. Institutions.


BioTech/Life Science • Enterprise Software

Radiologics develops FDA-compliant data management systems for medical imaging in clinical trials.

Riley’s Premium Pet Products

PetTech • Products

A trusted line of human grade USDA-certified organic dog treats.


AgTech • B2B

Big Data ag decision tool for risk management decisions on agribusiness


B2B • B2C • Safety/Security

A mobile safety app that bridges the gap between doing nothing & calling 911 in unsafe situations.


Enterprise Software • Manufacturing

Money-Saving Manufacturing Analytics in the Cloud


Products • Social Enterprise

TinySuperheroes is a company bridging the gap for special needs families by empowering kids.


Healthcare • Mobile

WELL is a simple online platform that helps patients communicate with healthcare administration.


B2C • Healthcare • Medical Device

Makes medicine manageable. Logo


Big Data • Enterprise Software

A streaming Database service

Applied Particle Technology

B2B • CleanTech • Hardware

Providing energy saving, ultra-high efficiency filter-less air purification technologies

Arch Innotek

AgTech • B2B • BioTech/Life Science

Arch Innotek develops innovative technology to produce natural ingredients at low cost


B2C • Healthcare • Medical Device

Better products for parents, starting with an innovative breast pump.

Better Weekdays

EdTech • Enterprise Software • Tech

The Whether helps university recruiters hire emerging diverse talent without visiting campuses.


Enterprise Software • Mobile • Tech

The CrisisGo mobile app is a universal safety and communication tool.


Automotive • Manufacturing • Safety/Security

Seat belts for commercial vehicles and specialty applications


Enterprise Software • Healthcare • Tech

HIPAAtrek’s cloud-based software helps healthcare organizations maintain HIPAA compliance.

Invisible Boyfriend/Invisible Girlfriend

B2C • Media/Entertainment • Mobile

We provide you a virtual companion.

Olio City

Mobile • Social Media • Tech

Personalized city guide application featuring the best a city has to offer.


Media/Entertainment • Social Media • Tech

An efficient way to find and use user generated images from social media.



Hardware • Mobile • Tech

Connects the home to your smartphone.

The Normal Brand

B2B • B2C • Fashion

the first Midwestern lifestyle apparel company


B2C • Design • Manufacturing

Artifox marries technology and craft to reinvent the use of everyday items.

Benjamin Logo


Big Data • E-Commerce • Fashion

Deals that won't waste your time.


B2B • EdTech

On-demand mobile tech labs.

Blue Line Technology Logo

Blue Line Technology

Enterprise Software • Safety/Security • Tech

Develops and sells facial recognition software.


E-Commerce • EdTech • P2P

Dabble is an online marketplace for classes in the community.


B2B • B2C • E-Commerce

Beautiful, personalized greetings for when a card is not enough.


B2C • Manufacturing • SportsTech

Inflation vest for waters sports enthusiasts and first responders.

Less Annoying CRM

B2B • Enterprise Software • Tech

A customer relationship manager (CRM) designed specifically for the small business market.


AgTech • CleanTech • Manufacturing

Produces 100% biodegradable products made of natural fibers and seeds that can germinate.

Made for Freedom

Fashion • Retail • Social Enterprise

Offering quality apparel and accessories made by those at risk and rescued from sex trafficking.


B2B • CleanTech • Tech

MeterGenius is an online tool to help consumers take control of their electricity bills.

Nanopore Diagnostics

BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare • Research

Developing a rapid microbial diagnostic test to identify and speciate a pathogen in only 30 minutes.


B2B • Big Data • FinTech

Prattle provides data solutions to the financial services industry.


B2B • Enterprise Software • Tech

Real-time process tracking for collaborative business processes.


B2B • B2C • Mobile

Products that grow and develop undeserved businesses and communities.

Adarza Bio

Adarza BioSystems

BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare • Manufacturing

Developing a rapid and label-free biological assay platform.


Big Data • E-Commerce • Tech



Big Data • Mobile • Tech

Appcropolis is a place for people to learn, discover, share and create HTML5 mobile applications.

Candy Lab AR

B2B • Big Data • Mobile

Custom-branded mobile app platform that improves events, tourism and civic pride.


B2B • CleanTech • Manufacturing

Easytork produces patented quarter-turn pneumatic rotary vane actuators.



B2C • BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare

Transformative pipeline of liquid Collagen tissue products.


B2C • BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare

Therapeutic cancer vaccine for the treatment of advanced solid tumors.


Big Data • Enterprise Software • LegalTech

We help Lawyers Predict the Future.


B2C • Hardware • Tech

State-of-the-art and seamless voter check-in and verification process.


BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare • Research

Blood test that can detect hundreds of markers that can track health.

Mag Bio Sense


BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare • Research

Novel cardiac biomarker diagnostic technology.

Notal Vision

Medical Device

Better methods of detecting AMD.


Big Data • Enterprise Software • Mobile

The world's largest mobile student discount program.


B2C • Medical Device • Mobile

Helping seniors regain their independence through online fitness & wellness programs.


B2B • Big Data • Mobile

Empowering government affairs professionals to search, track, and report on legislation.


B2C • Fashion • Manufacturing

Unique, bold and bright women's specific triathlon sportwear brand.

U.S. Drilling Products


A manufacturer & distributor of a line of bits that drill through solid rock.


Healthcare • Medical Device • Tech

Proprietary intelligence system that integrates regulatory information into a single database.

Label Insight

Label Insight

Big Data • Enterprise Software • Tech

The industry's most powerful product data exchange platform.

Labor Voices


LaborVoices is crowdsourced supply chain intelligence.


AdTech • Big Data • Mobile

High frequency stock trading for mobile advertising.

Med Preps

Education • Healthcare

Online medical certification practice tests.

Rocket Rack

Architecture / Engineering / Construction • B2B • Manufacturing

Sanitary Support System for Conduit & Process Piping


Big Data • Enterprise Software • Tech



Enterprise Software • Healthcare • Tech

Interventions that use automated calls or texts to manage patients’ conditions while collecting data


B2C • Design • Products

We make products that solve problems.

Start Right Foods

B2C • Food and Restaurants • Manufacturing • Products

Fueling your morning with complete protein can help kickstart a healthy day.

Upaya Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare • Research

A company inspired to solve important health challenges through research & applications.

Pro-Arc Diagnostics

BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare

Increasing patient access to immune-modulating therapies with a unique JC virus assay

Chrona Sleep

B2C • BioTech/Life Science • Tech

Chrona Sleep combines emerging scientific research with the latest in wearable technology.


BioTech/Life Science • Pharma

Developing next generation bio-therapeutic molecules to diagnose and treat coagulation disorders.

Hummingbird Technologies

AgTech • B2C • Hardware

Research driven technology firm focused on creating a simpler and better life for all.

Jobsite Unite

Jobsite Unite

Architecture / Engineering / Construction • Mobile • Tech

Jobsite Unite simplifies on-site communication for commercial and residential construction projects

Listo Logo


Media/Entertainment • Mobile • Tech

Our app allows users to listen to movies in alternate languages.


Media/Entertainment • Mobile

Helping companies make full use of their app store reviews.


Design • Hardware • Tech

Interactive transparent displays


Big Data • Mobile • Tech

Cast lets businesses and brands create simple polls across web, email, social, and mobile channels.

Freight Grid - A Smarter Way to Ship


Big Data • Enterprise Software • Logistics

FreightGrid makes shipping freight easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before.


B2C • Hardware • SportsTech

Jolt makes wearable head impact sensors for youth athletes.


Healthcare • Medical Device • Pharma

Talariant is a bio-tech company targeting pharmaceutical aerosol applications.



B2C • Manufacturing • PetTech

Female focused lifestyle hardware brand.

Code Red Education

EdTech • Education • Social Enterprise

A computer science and entrepreneurial curriculum for first through twelfth graders.


B2B • Food and Restaurants • Tech

All-in-one marketing software solution for retaurants and bars.

Genetix Fusion

BioTech/Life Science • Healthcare • Research

Superior, non-toxic transfection kits for researchers.

Aerosol Control Technologies

BioTech/Life Science • CleanTech • Hardware

Technology that reduces exhaust emissions from diesel engines.

Companion Pharma

Companion Pharma is a web-portal driven distributor of prescription drugs for dogs and cats.

Iveria TV

Iveria TV is the “hulu of foreign TV”.

Material Mix

CleanTech • Social Enterprise • Tech

Material Mix monetizes the trade of recyclables.

Observable Networks

Enterprise Software • Safety/Security • Tech

Observable Networks offers a new approach to enterprise network security and management.


Enterprise Software • Mobile

Obsorb is a customizable work platform for small businesses.

Pharos Scientific

Hardware • Healthcare • Medical Device

Innovative medical imaging.


Media/Entertainment • Social Media • Tech

Delivering news on the startup ecosystem around the Midwest.

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