Arch Grants

Why St. Louis For Your Business

Why St. Louis For You


“Hands down, the level of engagement by civic and business leaders is what makes St. Louis and Missouri unique. People are invested in us and WANT us to succeed, and as a result, they bend over backwards to support us and share their networks. We are so grateful to be growing our business here. When we are successful, it will be in large part due to the fact that we relocated to St. Louis.” -Samantha Rudolph & Jared Miller, Babyation, 2015 Arch Grants Recipient

“Since November we were able to raise $150,000 including the Arch Grant, so it fast forwarded everything we were doing. We got our first client from here, we hired our first full time employee, and have expanded into a totally different network which we hope will benefit the business and attract new leads, and opportunities for the company.” -Christina Hawatmeh, Scopio, 2015 Arch Grants Recipient