3D Gloop!

Origin: IL | Grant Awarded: 2020 | Status: Active

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What is 3D Gloop!?

3D Gloop! is a quirky science-loving startup company that produces adhesives and coatings for the 3D printing industry; that is dedicated to producing the highest quality products and providing excellent customer service. 3D Gloop! Has a growing line of products that tackles the two primary adhesive problems in the 3D printing industry; gluing plastic prints together, and adhering the first layers of prints to build platforms. The company produces unparalleled “multi-use” adhesives engineered to have best-in-class performance for the most common 3D printing plastics. 3D Gloop! is unrivaled in the sale of plastic-specific adhesives in this industry. The company is constantly formulating new solutions to unsolved problems for a rapidly expanding market.

Company Leadership

Andrew Mayhall


Andrew Mayhall is a serial entrepreneur with expansive experience in startups; who raised over $2 million in private equity for past ventures in the technology hardware space. Mr. Mayhall is highly skilled in nearly every facet of business operations including manufacturing, customer service, marketing, and product branding. He possesses in-depth knowledge of chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, with nearly ten years of experience as a multi-disciplinary engineer.

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Andrew Martinussen


Andrew Martinussen is a first-generation American and co-founder of 3D Gloop!. Mr. Martinussen graduated from SIUE with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Andrew is a talented, multi-disciplined engineer who is also skilled in project management, marketing, and product branding. Mr. Martinussen additionally possesses extensive knowledge of business operations, strategy, and development.

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