Adarza BioSystems

Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2013 | Status: Active

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What is Adarza BioSystems?

Adarza Biosystems is the developer of a biological assay platform intended to measure clinical and point-of-care samples. The company’s label-free diagnostic platform is capable of simultaneous detection of hundreds of analytes in a single drop of fluid; enabling highly multiplexed protein detection with high sensitivity and specificity.

Company Leadership

Rand Henke

Chief Executive Officer

Rand Henke is an Adarza founder and has served as the CEO since the company was founded in 2008.

Dr. Henke has a very broad and successful career that has included numerous appointments in government R&D at the Comparative Animal Research Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN, in economic development and technology accelerators at the Tennessee Center for Research and Development and High tech Rochester in Rochester, NY and in graduate university faculty positions at the University of Tennessee.

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Preston Keller

Vice President of Business Development

Preston joined Adarza in early 2013 as the Vice President of Business Development to lead the company’s fundraising efforts and build and lead the company’s commercial organization, which includes global responsibility for Business Development, Marketing and Product Management and Sales. Most recently, he was employed at Sigma Aldrich where he held a number of roles in Strategic Marketing, M&A, Operations and Business Development. Preston has extensive experience working with early stage life science companies – serving as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the BioGenerator, and as a past judge in charge of evaluating early stage technologies for investment such as the QED program at the University City Science Center in Philadelphia.

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Christopher Striemer

Vice President of Engineering

Christopher Striemer is the Vice President of Engineering of Adarza BioSystems, a 2013 Arch Grants recipient.

Christopher earned his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Buffalo in 1997. Christopher also currently serves as the Vice President of Membrane Development at SiMPore.

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Jennifer Bohnert

Director of Finance and Administration

Jennifer Bohnert is the Director of Finance and Administration of Adarza BioSystems, a 2013 Arch Grants recipient.

Jennifer earned her degree in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis in 1990. Jennifer is a financial manager with 10+ years of experience in biotechnology, outsourced services and healthcare industries. She also currently serves as the Controller at Confluence Life Sciences, Inc., and brings experience working for Kypha, Inc. to her position with Adarza Biosystems.

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