Origin: MO | Grant Awarded: 2019 | Status: Active

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What is FastDemocracy?

FastDemocracy is a federal, state, and local legislative analytics platform that provides users with a way to follow politics and take action. We’ve streamlined the legislative process nationwide into a one-stop, easy to use platform, that combines data-driven analytics with collaborative communications tools and enables political newcomers and professionals alike to be more informed and effective while advocating for policy change. FastDemocracy’s platform: 1. Replaces political punditry with machine learning and data science. 2. Offers distinctive collaborative, communications and workflow tools. 3. Creates an intuitive, user-friendly platform with comprehensive bill tracking capabilities.

Company Leadership

grant campbell


From growing a non-profit from 3 to 200 people to serving in the White House, Grant’s career has taken him many places. With experience building organizations from the ground up, multiple presidential campaigns, and top level government operations know-how, Grant leads the team on strategy, operations, and fundraising.

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Anatolij Gelimson


As a Doctor of Theoretical Physics, Anatolij brings hard science to the world of politics. He believes that data-driven analytics can revolutionize legislative advocacy and offer FastDemocracy’s clients unprecedented insights that will shape a more informed strategy. Anatolij earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Oxford University.

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Sara Baker

Chief Innovation Officer

As a state legislative director for a large national non-profit, Sara knows all too well how the right tools can make or break a legislative strategy. Her expertise in policy, advocacy, coalition building has shaped FastDemocracy’s platform, making the legislative process accessible and transparent to all. Sara has a master’s degree in international affairs from Washington University in St. Louis.

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